Addressing the Elephant in the Tunnel


Throughout the past few weeks, the tunnels at Nazareth have made their purpose known. Finally, the weather has began to reflect the true nature of Rochester. Frigid temperatures have sent everyone traveling to and from class underground. Most everybody walks through the tunnels without noticing their surroundings. Numerous murals line the walls, as advertisements to draw people to a particular club.

But one mural, more than any other, is incredibly troubling, to say the least.

Pictured on the left is a mural that, for some reason, has sparked no outrage. At first glance, it seems harmless. An elephant cosplaying as an Uncle Sam/Rosie the Riveter hybrid is the chosen logo for the Republican Club here at Nazareth. In writing, the mural also reads harmless. It could even be enticing if it catches the right (winged) eye.

But the elephant is not as it seems. Two major problems arise when you study said elephant:

  1. The trunk does not finish. It ends without notice. Realistically, the elephant should be bleeding out since the trunk was obviously cut off by someone. Probably the most sad part about the trunk is that the Uncle Sam Elephant cannot eat any peanuts.
  2. This elephant has two elbows. In reality, elephants have no elbows. I can understand the artistic license of giving the elephant an elbow in order to more fully realize the Uncle Sam/Rosie the Riveter mash-up. Yet, it has two elbows. Is the elephant taking an elbow each from Uncle Sam and Rosie? What muscle is being flexed between both elbows?

This all may seem very childish, but I can assure you that it is not. What harm can a mural really do? Admittedly, not much.

Unless you begin to speculate about a Jumanji-type situation happening at Nazareth. Then, the double elbowed elephant will not be harmless.  It will spark havoc from GAC to the Library.

Or, he will bleed out from a lack of trunk and it will just be gross.

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