Breathtaking Views

Living in the 585 area almost guarantees seeing Letchworth State Park at least once every few years. Given the 20171104_143456nickname “The Grand Canyon of the East,” it’s clear to its visitors that a trip to hike, picnic, visit the museum, or simply enjoy the view is always worthwhile. This major state park is generally at its most populated during the summer months, when camping is common and the weather warrants long, beautiful, warm days to spend outdoors. It’s easy to become discouraged about spending free time outdoors when the days get shorter, the temperature drops, and everything becomes more hectic, but exploring Letchworth State Park in the autumn months provides a unique and serene perspective of the nature surrounding you.


The color of the leaves over the massive waterfalls creates a stunning view, reconnecting you with nature that isn’t available in the city. It’s a busy time of year, but taking a day trip to the park during the peak time for leaves to change colors and the brisk fall air to refresh you is a great way to destress.

The park is less popular during the cooler months of the year, making it a quiet retreat from the noise of everyday life. Be sure to bundle up with friends or family for this day trip, as well as bring a thermos of warm soup or hot cocoa to enjoy on a break from your hike. The scenery is worth the trip, and the breath of fresh air will leave you feeling relaxed and clear-minded.

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