Crunch Time

It’s about eleven O’clock on a Thursday night and I’m sitting in my bed, gazing endlessly at my calendar that’s screaming “You are screwed”. For a moment I think, “There is no shot I am making it through finals week,” but then I catch a twinkle out of the corner of my eye. When I glance up I see my 3 foot Christmas tree lit up in all white. It is at that moment that all of my stress vanishes and I am overwhelmed with Christmas cheer.

What gets you through the last couple weeks of the semester? Is it the holidays,he presents, the thought of seeing family?  Or is it the magic that’s floating around in the air?

We stay up for hours, endlessly working on projects that we’ve had the entire semester and put off, hundreds of flashcards that need to be burned into our brains, and essays we wish would just write themselves. We fall asleep with our laptops open, books on our faces, pens in our hair, glasses on- sometimes in the middle of a sentence.

We become overjoyed by the thought of taking that red pen and firmly crossing an assignment off of the “To Do” list. Some might even say “Yup, that deserves a drink,” a glass of sparkling apple juice, of course.

Coffee, energy drinks, caffeine soon takes over our bodies to where we get irritable anIMG_1927d moody towards friends. We forget to eat, forget to sleep, and sometimes even forget to shower- gross. So what is our motivation?

“I’m just tired, ok? I haven’t eaten or slept, just leave me alone,” says senior nursing major Kate Rothrock as she goes on her sixth straight hour in the library. Kate likes to study all day and reward herself with naps or an episode of Netflix. She goes to the library or a quiet room to help her focus. She also hangs out with her friends and talks to her mom to relieve stress.

What motivates Jamie Martin, a student athlete and senior marketing major through the last couple weeks of the semester is knowing that she gets to go home for a whole month to see her family and friends. Her success during finals comes from time management, spacing her assignments out and not procrastinating.

Whether you are a double major, student-athlete, grad student, undergrad student, we all endure the stress of the last couple weeks of the semester.

Study! Study! Study!

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