Deadpool, a new type of hero

The most popular film currently in theaters, Deadpool is a new type of comic book movie. I am by no means a comic book junkie, so I went into the film with the same expectations of all superhero movies.  I expected an entertaining movie about a guy who possessed some sort of crazy cool skill set in which he fought of villains to save others.  What I got however, was not something I would necessarily label as a superhero film.  Does the character possess unique skills which allow him to kill people? Unless regular people can regenerate a hand, then yes he does.  But the movie is not about saving a city from evil.  This is a new type of a film, it is an edgy, comical and sexually driven movie featuring a guy who kills in order to hunt down the man who tortured him, but is also responsible for his lucrative abilities. I’ve seen quite a bit of movies in my day, and the typical superhero is sacrificial, he or she puts populations before themselves, but this film was not about that, and I loved it.

Whether Deadpool is actually labeled a superhero film or not, if you are a superhero fan, it is definitely a movie you will enjoy.  And perhaps why the movie has been so successful is because even if you’re not a huge fan of the genre, I’d still recommend it.  It’s hard to say whether or not we will start seeing more films like this, but it’s definitely safe to say there’s at least a Deadpool sequel down the road.

Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, and he certainly outdid all expectations.  Reynolds’ reputation has been someone who has had a rather difficult career in Hollywood thus far.  Not to say he doesn’t have talent, but his work thus far has not been anything to write home about.  I did like his last film Woman in Gold, but the majority of his movies are romantic comedies featuring roles which didn’t seem to require much.  It is for this reason, I went into the film with rather low expectations, as I was not sold on the idea Reynolds could be effective in the role.  He attempted to play a similar character in The Green Lantern and failed miserably.  Not to say it was his fault, as the movie itself was painfully bad, but he didn’t seem to fit in the role either.

I’m happy to say however, Deadpool might be his official coming out party.  I thought he crushed it.  He took the audience by storm, drawing us in with his witty sense of humor and helping viewers easily join Deadpool’s side. The way in which he approached each scene with his body language, tone of voice or even simply facial expressions made the film an entertaining and enjoyable experience.  The movie forms around Deadpool’s drive to find Francis, the man who turned him immortal through torture, resulting in a drastic and scary appearance alteration.  After undergoing the “treatment,” Reynolds is transformed into someone who surely wouldn’t be nominated for sexiest man alive.

While Deadpool certainly won’t get any Oscar nominations, it’s an easy film to watch and enjoy.  Movies do not have to be sophisticated or serious to be appreciated, and I thought this movie was a perfect example of such.  I’m not going to say you have to rush out the house to go buy a ticket, but if you’re in need of a night out, a date night or are simply looking for a leisurely afternoon, Deadpool could be a great choice, just leave the kids at home.

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