Five Best Places to Print on Campus

The other day I had to print out an essay before class, and as a typical college student procrastinating on everything until the very last minute, I of course left myself about fifteen minutes to print everything out.  Worst choice ever.  The race was on to find the best printer and beat the clock before class, a challenge meant for only the bravest of warriors.  Don’t be like me.  Here’s a list of the five most reliable printers on campus that you should know about, be sure to choose wisely.

The 24 Hour Computer Lab, 1st floor of Smyth near sliding doors

If you are looking for the Good Ole’ Bessie of printers, this one is your girl.  I have never seen this one not work, and it’s central location on campus makes it ideal for everyone to use.

Peckham 24 Hour Computer Lab, 1st floor of Peckham near Indy the iguana

This one can be hit or miss depending on what time of day you go.  Mornings are rough because all of the science majors are printing stuff out right before class, but the afternoon is much calmer.  Plus, who doesn’t love iguanas?

Kearney Computer Lab, Near Residential Life

Kearney got this new printer at the end of last year, sadly the last one had a rough semester and didn’t quite make it to graduation. However, this new printer is like a well-oiled machine more than well prepared to take the old one’s place.  Sleek and modern with ninja-like reflexes, this rookie is one of the best in the game.

Library Computer Room, Lower Level in the back near the independent study spaces

If you are using the tunnels and don’t feel like going upstairs to print, this printer will be perfect for you! The first level space in the library is usually much less crowded than the upper level.  Just be careful, this printer is tired and worn down just like a college student and might act up every once in awhile.

Clocktower Commons 24 Hour Computer Lab, 1st floor

If you are accustomed to luxurious Clocktower living, and don’t feel like leaving the well-maintained AC or braving the snow without tunnels, never fear! Your perfect printer is already there!  This one also received an update last year, but I wouldn’t risk printing last minute assignments just yet, we still need a little time to get to know one another.


And if you’re wondering which printers to absolutely avoid, we have a much shorter list for that, too!

Library, Main level

Do not risk printing anything time sensitive with these.  The library used to have printers at each table, but now there are only two. You don’t want to lose your assignment in a sea of papers right before class!

GAC Basement level computer labs

I have never seen these work before, if there have been any sightings of functionality here please comment below.  However, if you’re in GAC and need a quick fix, maybe you can get away with printing in the Emerson Language Lab or the Charles Mills Writing Center Satellite Room on the fourth floor of GAC.


Finally, if you happen to find a printer that isn’t working and you don’t have to be somewhere in the next five minutes, please do the rest of humanity a favor and call the Technology and Media Services Desk at 585-389-2111.  They can’t fix the problem if they don’t know about it, but if they do they will be quick to come check out the jam, refill the paper and press all the fancy buttons that only they know the meanings of.  With that in mind, merry printing!

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