Four Parks You Will Want To Visit

If you’re not from New York, one of the best things you’ll come to find is the enchanting beauty and serenity that comes from going on a hike in the woods. No matter what season, there is always something beautiful to see. Fall is a time when the leaves change color, exploding from their trees and gathering on the ground in lovely reds, yellows, and oranges. Winter holds its own type of wonder, but wear boots and gloves! Spring and summer are personal favorites, usually the busiest times but undoubtedly the best to capture some of the most beautiful sights with everything blooming in rich greens and warm temperatures. Below are four popular parks that will give you a front-row view of what are arguably some of the most beautiful places to visit regardless of the time of year.

Durand Eastman Park –  A personal favorite, Durand Eastman Park is 977-acres and directly across from Lake Ontario. With an array of trails surrounding a golf course and ponds, it’s an especially enjoyable hike that isn’t too strenuous but offers enough hills and woods to make it a fun workout. The biggest bonus?It’s less than 15 minutes away from Nazareth’s campus!

Tinker Nature Photo 2Park – This 68-acre park is less than 10 minutes from Naz, making it a great option to go for a quick hike with some friends. Sharing turf with Hansen’s Nature Center, Tinker Nature Park is mostly flat land with a nice trail leading through the woods in which you can find many creatures scurrying about. There are also exercise “stops” in which a sign directs you to pause and take a few minutes to stretch and do various other activities. Another cool part is that Tinker Nature Park has a “Fairy Trail,” in which there are little-painted houses along the way that are occupied by woodland “fairies.” 

Corbett’s Glen Nature Park – Another popular spot not far from Naz is Corbett’s GlenNature Park. With relatively flat trails, follow a creek with small waterfalls into the woods, and make sure to take some pictures of the pretty scenery. This is the perfect place to go for a brief hike on a sunny Saturday afternoon, but even on a cooler day, Corbett’s Glen is a popular destination.

Letchworth State Park – The largest of all of these recommendations, Letchworth has many different overlooks and trails throughout its 14,427 acres. Located in Livingston and Wyoming counties, this park allows for a lovely hike beside the Genesee River as it roars through the gorge and over waterfalls. Commonly referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” it’s a sight that’s especially lovely around this time of the year when the trees are beginning to gain their leaves again. Plus, stop at the cafe Cricket’s Coffee Company that’s less than fifteen minutes away for a tasty treat and cup of something warm! Photo 4


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