Galentine’s: The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

The hearts, the candy, the flowers, the oversized stuffed bears; it can be a little… much—even if you’re not single (or cynical). For those who are head over heels with their partner, it’s a day full of expectations and romance, but for those who are just kind of over it, you may be looking for ways to spend the day in a platonic way.


In the morning, if you have some time, grab your best friends and go out for a nice brunch at a local restaurant! Check out Simply Crêpes, the Village Bakery, or The Frog Pond if you need ideas! While you’re eating, make sure you take some time to tell your favs how important they are to you, and why you’re happy they’re a part of your life. You can even make them little homemade gifts to show you care, like these! While you’re out, do a little shopping and treat yo self. Buy that pair of shoes or piece of jewelry you’ve had your eye on. You deserve it, and you don’t need somebody else to tell you so.

pasted image 0 (1)Head to the dining hall in the afternoon on the 14th with some of your fellow singles for their Anti-Valentine’s Day party from 4-8. There will be all sorts of comfort food and some traditional favorites including assorted candy and a chocolate fountain. Spend some time there eating and mingling with people who aren’t feeling Valentine’s this year either.

At the end of the day, take some time to unwind with the most important people in your life whether it’s your friends, your family, your pets, or just yourself. Relax and give yourself an at-home spa treatment with a facial mask, a bubble bath, or a body scrub. Get some snacks and a bottle of wine (if you’re of age, of course), and watch a movie- whatever you’re in the mood for, don’t feel obligated to pick a romantic movie or a quintessentially anti-Valentine’s Day movie if you don’t want to.

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Whatever your plans, and whatever your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone! So, whatever your plans are for the 14th—take care, have fun, and remember, in the words of RuPaul: “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else”. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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