Get Involved at Naz: It Pays Off

Have you ever wanted to do as much as possible, but just never found the time to actually commit to it all?

There are so many things in college I have wanted to do – but I never actually did any of them, because I always felt busy! I recall myself, quite often, saying, “I wish I could do that, or I probably should have…”

Well, here I am: a senior, about to graduate – and there is still so much I want to accomplish and experience at Nazareth. We often hear the expression “life is short” and I truly believe it. My last four years at Nazareth have literally flown by.

As I create my resume and attempt to make myself seem marketable in the real world, I keep looking back and thinking ‘What have I done in the last four years that make companies want me?’ That’s where I am going to help you! I should have done so many more things in my college career.


But no worries, there is still time for you to:

  •  Join clubs & get more involved
  • Volunteer
  • Do an internship
  •  Study abroad

Joining clubs and getting involved in more things within the community, college, or even within another culture are just a few of the things you can begin to do. Getting involved and putting yourself out there shows future employers (or even graduate schools) that you spent your time wisely while also enhancing yourself.

For example, joining a club shows you work well as a team. Volunteering shows you have a sense of community and enjoy helping others on your free time. Doing an internship can help you learn hands-on about your desired field – or you might even land your dream job all because of the experience you were able to get at your selected internship. And studying abroad is the one thing I wish I had experienced more than anything! Immersing yourself in another culture teaches you lifelong lessons, gives you an experience of a lifetime, and also shows you are interested in learning new things.

These are all things I wish I had done while I was in college – things I would have enjoyed and also would have made my resume look much more impressive and distinct.


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