Goodbye, Nazareth

11914731_751054171344_8833908666675079456_oTwo and a half years ago, I received a letter in the mail from Nazareth College informing me I had been accepted as a transfer student. I was thrilled. Leaving the confines of community college to go to a “real” college was what I had wanted for more than a year. Nazareth gave me the ability to stay in the city tattooed on my arm, while giving me the opportunity to pursue a degree I was passionate about.

Two and a half years later, I will be graduating. For months, when asked about my upcoming graduation I always made sure to add the disclaimer “God willing.” It has already been five years since I graduated high school, so I am already behind schedule. God’s will came through, since I will be graduating this year – and what lies ahead of me is unknown.

My memories from Nazareth will be strange. I will remember the chicken fingers and fries from the Cab that fueled me during the 14-hour days. The upstairs of the library will always be a certain type of home, and I hope the people who made silent eye contact with me while walking by will look back on me fondly. (I apologize for biting my nails while I read. Some bad habits are hard to kick.)

Walking up and down four flights of stairs in GAC for the majority of my classes will need to be replaced by actual exercise. I will need to pick out a lot more books to fill my time. The stress of school will be replaced by the stress of getting a job. My life at Nazareth may be coming to a close but my life as a Nazareth graduate is just beginning.

I wish I had something profound to say. If there was some piece of advice to give underclassmen, I would do it. The problem is, the cliche about college is entirely true: it is all what you make of it.

The best I can give you is as follows: try the chicken fingers and fries in the CAB. They are dope.


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