Grace’s Guidance: Study Spaces

Dear Grace,

I need some advice: my roommate tends to have friends over in our room a lot and that makes it hard for me to study. With final exams approaching, where are some places on campus that are good for studying?

-Troubled Studier


Dear Troubled Studier,

Your situation is one of many! I had the same experience freshman year and I discovered many different places to study that are quiet.

  • One place to study that is quiet is the library. There are tables in the back of the library that are reserved for people in search for that perfect study spot!

library back tables

  • If you live on campus, another great place to study in is your residence hall lounge! They are quiet and usually have tables and chairs for you to work at.


  • Another reliable place to study is outside. When you read outside, your able to clear your mind to study and are able to get some fresh air!

sTudying outdoor

  • Try taking advantage of campus computer labs and the writing center. Usually, there’s little to no people there and this will provide you with the perfect spot to get some studying done.


  • Finally, using the dining hall or one of the many other eatery locations on campus such as, The Cabaret or The Roost, will provide you with a good place to get some work/studying done and also allow you for a study break snack!


I hope you found this information useful and we wish you the best of luck on all of your exams!

Good luck,


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