Grace’s Guidance: Top 5 things I learned from my freshman year at Nazareth College:

  1. Freshman Orientation is the most important time to make friends. Everyone is nervous. So break the ice with kind words, jokes and a smile.
  2. Your professors are real people who truly care about you and want to see you do well. There were definitely some times this year when I wasn’t understanding math, so I went and saw my teacher. After helping me figure out the problem she asked me how my semester was going. It was very nice to see that she cared about how my overall college experience was going, and not just about how I was doing in her class.
  3. Get involved in clubs! Not only are they a way to distract your mind from stress, but they can also be used as a creative outlet to use your passions and a way for you to make lifelong friends! For me, I joined English Club and got to use and improve my writing skills by becoming a columnist for the Golden Gazette. 🙂
  4. During your first few days on campus, it’s crucial that you find out where all your support sources are. For example, the writing center, tutoring centers, your RA, the Wellness Center, Academic Advisement and your professor’s offices are fantastic places to go to when you’re in need of support academically or just need someone to talk to.
  5. Go to events!!! They are planned with you specifically in mind! There have been a number of events this year that I really missed out on for no good reason. For the ones I did go to, Pet Therapy, Hijab for a Day, Seeds Week, Project Linus, Grocery Bingo etc., they were fantastic! Grab a friend, take a study break and go to an event because I guarantee you’ll have a great time and make wonderful memories.

Good luck with finals and have a FANTASTIC summer,



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