How to Be an Athlete and a Scholar


Whoever said it is impossible to balance academics and sports equally was wrong. As a student athlete, it has been said that academics come first. Although academics are important, it is also true that a student-athlete has the ability to be successful both on the court and in the classroom simultaneously.

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow in order to be successful while staying committed to both athletics and academics:

  1. Plan ahead | Plan your weeks and days ahead of time. Each morning, make a mental to do list in order to stay organized.
  2. Use your planner | Each student-athlete is given a free planner at the beginning of the year. Make this planner your best friend. Write everything you have going on in this planner.
  3. Get ahead | Every ounce of down time you have is a gift. Use it wisely. If you know you have an assignment due in a week, start it or get it done while you can. The more you get ahead, the less stressed out you will be when games and assignments start to pile up.
  4. Communicate | If you know you’re going to miss class or practice, talk to your coaches or professors about what you need to make up. This way, they know you are dedicated to both your athletics and academics, and it allows you to stay on top of both commitments.
  5. Stay healthy | Do not alter your life just to get everything done. By this, I mean don’t put aside sleep or skip a meal because you need more time. Make smart choices, because staying healthy is just as important as getting everything done.

Follow these simple tips each day in order to have a great experience as a student-athlete.

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