In What World is Bleeding From My Uterus a “Luxury”?

Photo Credit: Chase Ferren

Stroll right down the road to Wegmans alone and you will see it: the pink tax. Also commonly referred to as the tampon tax, this is the extra money placed on what is defined as “luxury goods and services.” These items range from clothing, razors, and dry cleaning to–you guessed it–tampons (and all other feminine hygiene products).

What is even more bothersome is the fact that the “pink tax” and the “tampon tax” can be considered two different entities. The battle against the tampon tax remains an issue focusing solely on feminine hygiene products. The battle against the pink tax covers a much broader spectrum.

As aptly stated in the title, there is nothing luxurious about the menstrual cycle. So why in the world are the goods needed to take care of the situation taxed as such? Ironically, just the idea of a period commonly results in a response of horror from our male counterparts. So shouldn’t they be 100 percent behind this too? Playing into this male stigma for a hot second; don’t want to see or hear about our periods guys? Then fight for your women’s rights not to spend over $3,000 on feminine hygiene products alone in her lifetime! Maybe if cramps didn’t also hurt our wallets they wouldn’t be so horrible.

On the flip side, the pink tax refers to the extra money placed upon goods and services that are not related to feminine hygiene. The term gets its name from the extra cost of items that are pink or labeled “for girls” in relation to their “male counterparts.” For example, two razors that are exactly identical, the only difference in color. Even though the razors were made the same and function the same, the pink razor costs ten cents more than the black one. Don’t believe me? Check out the blog Here you’ll find pages upon pages of examples of items side-by-side and their price comparisons demonstrating the pink tax. (My all-time favorite being Excedrin Menstrual Complete costing more than the regular formula, even though there were no differences in the ingredients.)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a world where my Twizzlers won’t be taxed but my maxi pads will be. Speak out against the tampon tax, and call companies out when they are guilty of participating in the pink tax! Change starts with just one voice.


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