Leisure Reading: To Be or Not to Be?

I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me. Students have a ton of work and

pressure on their plate, especially with midterms coming up: So, what is a girl like me, with the

exact same struggles, thinking when she says we could all benefit from making time to leisure

read? Well, some would say, “Oh, you’re an English major, of course you want people to read

all of the time”. You’re not wrong, I really do. But, that’s not the point here.


Reading is something that elevates the mind and allows you to think, be creative. No

matter what majors or minors you have, everyone should be able to find something they’re

interested in and divulge into a story, whether fictional or non. Students can get so caught up in

the technical ways of college, such as grades or their GPA, that they don’t take the time to reflect

or read something that could refresh their mind and allow them to do the best

work they can.


Now, of course there is always the issue of time. So many students are stuck with

homework and other responsibilities, that it can be quite difficult to put aside some time to read

even just a magazine or Buzzfeed article. If you, reader, are feeling this way, worry not. The

good thing is that you are not alone in this situation. Students like Kait can easily express their

hardships with it all. 



One could assume that Kaitlyn Kinney, a junior TRIPLE major here at Nazareth

College, has a particularly difficult time when it comes to reading leisurely, or having any free

time to herself at all. When asked, Kait has stated that she does in fact like to read on her own

time, when she can. Unfortunately, with multiple opportunities like extracurriculars, jobs and

internships, Kinney has a lot more to focus on than simply school work. Though, at this point in

her college career, she has a hard time finding time, she does express how important it is to read.

When asked what leisure reading means to her, she said “Leisure reading allows me to self

reflect. I can expand my knowledge and free thinking, something that isn’t guided by a lesson

plan or assignment”. Clearly, Kaitlyn feels as though her mind reaps the benefits of reading,

when possible. However, she would love to find a way to do it more often.



On the other end of the spectrum, we have Dana Quinn Teets. She is also a junior here at

Nazareth and truly enjoys sitting down with a good book and relaxing into her night. Quinn

explains that she makes it a priority to set aside the time to read and engage in new ideas. She

even noted, “I love to read. Even if I can only get five pages in, I try to make time before bed to

indulge every night”. When asked what she had to gain from doing so, she said “I think it takes

me away from school readings that are mandatory and puts me in a little world where I can

escape for a while”. Here, we have two different people with a love for reading, but very little

time to do so. 



The question is, what can we do about it?

  1. Read a few pages every night before bed
  2. When reading for a class, take a break and read something you’d like
  3. Read in between classes or while waiting for a class to begin
  4. Make time during the weekend to relax and read for a while


Something just as important to wonder: Where should we be reading on campus?



The Garen Peace Garden is a new edition to our college, and a beautiful one, too. Dedicated and

commissioned by Judy and Jim Garen, this little area right next to GAC is a perfect spot to sit

and read outside, while the weather still permits. This place really does live up to its name, as it

brings a very calm feeling when one decides to visit, and is something that should be utilized.


Even with a tight schedule, reading does not have to be an impossible dream. One just needs to

use their minds and find a way to maneuver their day and to make way for some good old

fashioned reading time! Your body and your sanity will thank you for it!

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