Male Guide to Female Communication: Valentine’s Day, Any Day

Photo Credit Kimberly Picha
Photo credit: Kimberly Picha

We made it through that time of year again.

Red and pink cards, flowers, candy, even balloons – everywhere at Wegmans. The day when single people everywhere complain how “Valentine’s Day is just a day for the economy” or that it is such an “American thing.” While most couples spend quite a bit of time and money to make the day special for their significant other on V-Day, a special day doesn’t just have to be one day of the year.

So boys, grab a pen and take some notes because it’s time to discuss the Male Guide to Female Communication: V-Day Any Day Edition. For readers who have a girlfriend (or girl that you want to impress), you came to the right place.

The first step to a great V-Day Any Day is flowers (but make sure you get the right kind). To be safe, just ask the florist for roses and Baby’s Breath (yes, that’s the real name of the flower)! She will love it, guaranteed.

Secondly, candy, of course! Traditional boxes work, but it doesn’t hurt to ask what she likes.

The third thing that will make her happy is a gift. For example, an Alex and Ani bracelet, perfume or even a picture of the two of you. Overall, the perfect gift is something small, cute and thoughtful. Whatever you choose she will love it, don’t worry.

Lastly, surprise her and treat her to a lovely dinner. If you really want to impress her, you can dress up and take her somewhere nice, new, or different.

If you remember these four simple steps it is guaranteed that you will pull off the perfect Valentine’s Day Any Day. Good luck!

Check back soon for more secrets in the Male Guide to Female Communication.

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