10, 9, 8 … Happy New Year!
By Christine G. Adamo

Was 2015 good to you? I hope it was! It was, overall, pretty good to me.

However, to ensure that 2016 brings you more of what you want and need (i.e., free stuff, cheap stuff, a slew of handy-dandy and easy-to-use resources), I thought it was high time I helped you ring in the new year with Naz Girl About Town’s list of “(10) Splendid Things That’ll Make Your Life Easier—& More Fun!” this year, the next and beyond.

Because you? Deserve a break today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And you deserve to get it on your terms. (See above, re: free, cheap and easy). These are things that’ll help you stay true to New Year’s resolutions aimed at:

• Churning out A-grade essays
• Networking successfully
• Spending less money
• Reading more often
• So on, so forth, etc.

Now, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and then pass that bottle over here. Let’s toast to a new year filled with glorious successes, stellar achievements and great moments—both big and small. You’ve worked hard this year. It’s time to catch your breath, reboot and get ready to make 2016 one of the most amazing years of your life.

Together? We can do this!

(10) Splendid Things That’ll Make Your Life Easier—& More Fun!

10. Humans of Naz

Humans of Naz on Instagram
Humans of Naz is a rockin’ Instagram project.

Clearly you’re human. And you have a connection to Naz.

If neither of those are true, you may be a bot, spider or troll combing the ‘net for a hint of what goes on at Naz. To which I say? More power to you! In any case, Humans of Naz (launched by Golden Gazette Editors Chase Farren and Elizabeth Lenz) engages Flyers, in their natural habitat, and documents their thoughts or stories along with killer pics on an Instagram feed that’s entertaining, engaging and oh-so relevant.

Visit Humans of Naz on Instagram and see if you recognize anyone!

9. OWL at Purdue

APA. MLA. CMoS. Yikes! How do you keep ’em all straight?

And how do you know which one to use? What’s the difference between an Annotated Bibliography, a Reference sheet and a Works Cited list anyway? Fear not, high Flyer. This trusty resource is there to guide you 24/7—and it’s free, gratis, zip! Write 15-page essays like a pro. Format in-text citations in your sleep. The OWL takes the guesswork out of getting it write and makes working on that paper a whole lot more fun. You may not master every style known to man, but you’ll get a handle on the academic guidelines used most frequently.

Bookmark it today and just maybe get an “A” tomorrow!

8. Magazine Discounts is a clearinghouse for print and digital subscriptions.

Their prices are well below what you’d pay at the local drug store, grocery store or Barnes & Noble. Sure, they offer pricey imports like the UK’s 10 and i-D. But they specialize in US titles, carrying everything from Elle and ESPN to Maxim, Runner’s World and W. Wanna real steal of a deal? Look for Red Tag Sales like a year of Field & Stream for a ridiculously low $5.97, 12 issues of Cosmopolitan for $15 or an unprecedented 75 percent discount on Smithsonian magazine.

Try coupon code TREAT for an extra $5 OFF (limited-time offer).

7. Naz Writing Center

The Nazareth College Writing Center
Naz’s Writing Center is a great, free resource.

Are you hounded by split infinitives? (What the heck are they?)

Past participles? (Come again?) Gerunds? (Fuggetabout it!) Lucky for you Naz is home to a Writing Center that cares about all those things and more. Namely? You! This on-campus resource is available at no charge and offers services like: peer tutoring, topic development, long-term planning, style guide selection (i.e., APA, MLA, CMoS, CBE) and the mechanics of grammar and writing. Sure, the OWL at Purdue resource above is a good one. But sometimes you need the help of a flesh and blood person who really cares. These folks fill the bill nicely!

Schedule a consult online or call the Writing Center at (585) 389-2636.

6. Uncommon Goods

Is your roommie about to graduate?

Similarly, do you have a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or bridal shower to attend? Before you go anywhere, go to and peruse the wares housed under the site’s Gift tab. There you’ll encounter one-of-a-kind finds, handcrafted chotchkies and home décor items that are simply to die for. Well, OK, may not to-die to die for. But you get the idea. While you’re there? Buy your mom a heart-shaped umbrella. Purchase a second one for your bestie. And get your geography-loving other half a scratch-off map for his (or her) dorm room wall.

Or simply window shop in between classes.

5. The Career News

Looking to land a dream job, write a resume or ace an interview?

If all or any of those topics are important to you, you may wanna check out This website consistently posts a handful of helpful articles each week, with summaries of each one consolidated into a weekly e-blast you can subscribe to and review at your leisure. Links to each of those articles are posted on their website, under the header “Past Issues.” Entries come from sources across the country, giving you a comprehensive view of the career landscape. What’s more, a dedicated Product Review Team evaluates online and offline job search tools on a regular basis.

Another bonus? The site’s Better Business Bureau “A” rating.

4. Paperless Post

Paperless Post e-card screen shot.
Paperless Post offers free, totally chic e-cards.

In my book? There’s no better free resource on the planet!

Lemme set the stage for you: It’s senior year. In the midst of fulfilling your internship requirement, you’re asked to conduct an Informational Interview with someone in your field of interest. To your delight, they totally rock and you’d love to stay in touch with them. How can you thank them in a way that’s both memorable and chic? Send them a gorgeous, free, customizable e-card via If you’re willing to shell out a few pennies, you can upgrade to a designer card (Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, et al.), add a funky backdrop and enclose it in a virtual envelope that pops open in a click of a mouse.

The site has e-cards, e-invites and print products for all occasions.

3. Paperback Swap

What can I tell you about

For starters, it’s a great way to get hard cover and paperback books for free or nearly free (sometimes a 49-cent processing fee applies). What’s that you say? Did I stutter? Uh, no. When you join this online community, you’re asked to post a few books of your own—ones you’re willing to part with. When another member requests your book, you pay to ship it to them via Media Mail ($2.79, on avg., for even the heaviest of tomes). When it’s received, you earn credit toward future swaps. For each credit you have, you can order a book from another member who then pays to ship it to you. Because you’re dealing with book lovers, most of what you receive will be in immaculate condition.

Titles run the gamut, so you’ll even find a text book or two.

2. Swap a DVD

My name is Naz Girl About Town. And I’m a DVD-aholic.

Heck, I still own VHS tapes! (Some titles are hard to find on DVD or Blu-ray and cost a fortune to replace.) This is a sister site to Paperback Swap. In this case? You post DVDs and order DVDs from other members once you’ve earned a few credits. You pay to ship DVDs out (1st Class, roughly $2.50 per) but pay nothing when ordering DVDs. Once received? Keep ’em, give ’em away or reswap them. The site attracts videophiles, so what you receive is often in mint condition. For those who aren’t seasoned collectors, that loosely translates to brand-spanking new minus the wrapper. Give it a spin!

1. MoMA Online

The MoMA website e-card portal.
MoMA’s online e-card portal is an artful place.

NYC’s Museum of Modern Art is a pretty cool place.

Its website is also pretty cool. It’s a great place to seek out inspiration for creative projects or to purchase gifts for artsy friends, family members and even super cool profs. Dare I say it’s also a great place to search for e-cards with art themes which include: Architecture and Design; Drawings; Film, Media and Performance Art; Painting and Sculpture; Photography; Prints and Illustrated Books; Exhibitions and more (i.e., birthdays, friendship, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day). Take a tip from me: Once you find a card design you like, click “Preview” before sending it. This lets you change the background color for the best possible effect.

Click here to jump to the “E-card” section of MoMA’s website.

And now, champagne flute in hand, I slur out in your general direction: Cheers to you … Happy New Year!!!

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