Life’s Simple Pleasures: A Naz Guide to Giving Thanks
By Christine G. Adamo

It seems easier to mumble and grumble than to give thanks.

At times, I feel like the absolute worst offender. But to what end? I complain about the weather. I complain when I’m running late and can’t find parking. Note that the operative words there are “when I’m running late,” as it’s pretty rare that every single parking space on campus is otherwise spoken for. Even I’ll admit that. It’s my own damn fault.

So, today? I give you (5) solid reasons to be thankful for life’s simple pleasures. Well, to be clear, I’m giving thanks for the simple pleasures we’re afforded as college students and the simple pleasures Nazareth College extends to everyone who traverses its beautiful grounds and is fortunate enough to spend their days pursuing or promoting higher education.

What else should we be thankful for? Add your suggestions to the comments below!

Nazareth College in Fall, with leaves of russet, gold and orange clinging to the trees.

Nazareth College Fall 2015 (photo: Christine G. Adamo)


I can’t speak for you, but wielding a trusty USB drive has saved my hide a dozen times this semester alone. Which makes it hard not to scream when professors extol the virtues of using an alternate method to back up our work. Why does it drive me crazy? ’Cause in the 5-10 years I’ve been using them, only one flash drive has ever let me down – the one I left out in the snow all Winter long. Yet, even in the rusted and trampled state I found it in that Spring, it helped me recover data I thought was lost forever.


Thanksgiving recess kicked off at 4pm on Tues., Nov. 24th. (“Hallelujah, amen!”) The Residence Halls closed at 6pm that same day and are slated to reopen on Sun., Nov. 29, at 8:30am, which means classes begin again on Mon., Nov. 30. But not for long: Day and evening classes officially draw to a close on Dec. 10th, with final exams scheduled from Dec. 12th to 18th. And the 18th? Marks the official end of the Fall semester. Can I get another “amen” for holiday breaks???


No single department is without its praiseworthy and, at times, cringe-worthy moments. But Naz Campus Safety does lots to ensure that each and every one of us can rest assured as we go about our academic business. Moreover, those safety-minded guys and gals are quick to answer any quirky question you may have for them. (I should know. I’ve asked quite a few!) They know this campus inside out and are a wealth of knowledge we’d be hard-press to do without or replace.


When cold weather strikes, as it’s prone to do ’round these here parts, I find myself wishing I owned a full-face ski mask. And then I quickly thank my lucky stars that Nazareth College has its very own version of the Chunnel: a little thing I’ve come to affectionately refer to as the ‘zunnel. (Click here for a handy dandy map!) Sure, it’s hot as hell. But I’ll take it! All you have to do, to tolerate the heat, is make believe those blasts of warm air are breezes wafting in off an exotic ocean.


What the heck are Reading Days? While I’m not sure I know, I’m still grateful. And I’m sure you agree. Who wouldn’t rather be home studying than holed up in the library, Colie’s or Shults Center simply trying to killing time between classes and look busy while they’re doing it? This Fall, we had two (Oct. 7th and 8th). This Winter? Its equivalent, a Study Day, is scheduled for Dec. 11th. In Spring 2016, we’ll get a Reading Day Feb. 19th and a Study/Snow Make-Up Day April 25th.

What else is there to be thankful for?

Though I couldn’t put my hands on the stats to prove it, an informal survey shows that Nazareth College is one diverse melting pot. There’s an Office of Veteran’s Affairs, an Office for Students with Disabilities, Casa Hispana, Casa Italiana, La Maison Francaise, a network of 50+ campus-related (academic, cultural, recreational, social and spiritual) clubs and organizations – and more.

For everything from its commitment to adult, re-entry student success to transfer credits made easy, Naz makes me thankful I chose this school above all others. And there are others. And that I have the privilege of calling you my peers, my friends and my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving – and thanks for supporting the Golden Gazette online!

Nazareth College in Fall, as the leaves change colors.

Nazareth College Fall 2015 (photo by: Christine G. Adamo)

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