Nazareth Students Reflect on Election Results: Part 1

Yesterday the American people elected Donald Trump to serve as the forty-fifth president of the United States of America.  Whether you supported Trump, Clinton or another candidate, Trump’s election has left everyone feeling some sort of emotion.  Now, in the wake of these results, Nazareth College students have sent the Golden Gazette their immediate reactions, which we will be sharing in a two part series.  We hope that by sharing these reflections, we can all come to a greater understanding of our community’s thoughts and emotions as we head into the next four years with a new president.

Anonymous Student 1

I am genuinely terrified, afraid, and shaken by the results of last night’s election. As a member of the LGBTQ community, it’s absolutely disheartening to see individuals elected into office who do not think I deserve the same rights as my non-LGBTQ friends and family. As someone with friends in other minority groups, I fear for them. I was awake most of the night crying out of uncertainty. I can’t say for sure what my future will hold, but I’m absolutely terrified.

"Remember" Ian Sane Flickr
“Remember” Ian Sane Flickr

Anonymous Student 2

I believe that there are many issues with America and the world. As an education student, I have always planned to use my profession as a tool for social justice. With Trump’s victory, I am called to continue on my path of social justice with double the amount of passion and double the amount of love as before. I am a firm believer that the way to end hate is to show the joy and beauty of love.

Anonymous Student 3

Dear Donald,

You know this isn’t it, right?

This isn’t the day your victory ensures the betterment of America. This isn’t the beginning of the Trump golden age of our country.

It’s the beginning of your downfall.

You have no plan to speak of, other than making it up as you go. You haven’t read the United States Constitution. You see tens of millions of Americans as second-class citizens and you’ve established that you see women, over half the population, as nothing more than pawns to be controlled for what men see fit.

Congratulations on one thing. As a writer, people often tell me I have to “fake it till I make it.” And oh, have you done that. You’ve pretended to be the savvy businessman that can save our country. You’ve pretended to know what’s true and what’s false, who’s right and who’s wrong. Plant a microphone down in front of you and you’ll convince millions there’s a chance you know what America is, beyond the scope of your privileged male Aryan lens. And you have the answers. You tell us you know big words without using them.

In case you actually do understand economics, you must be able to predict trends. This is a high point. America has invested in you. But investments, especially bad ones, always downturn. I don’t know what you’ll do to this land, or to the world. But I do know that the severity of your downturn depends on how apologetic you are, how far away you promise to go.

But I really don’t think you’ll have a choice on that. You’ll lose the support of the American people, and with that your family, your business partners, and your company. You’ll declare bankruptcy for the seventh time. With this one you’ll lose everything.

You’ll be homeless, shuddering on the corner of Times Square. And this, I wonder: Will you hold out a cup? Will you ask for help from blacks, immigrants, and gays? Will you accept the camaraderie of fellow vagrants, or turn away in disgust? I hope you know this isn’t it. Because believe me, the ones you threaten, insult, and terrify now are the ones who, despite everything, will still help you at your most basic suffering. The ones who support you now won’t give a shit.

"AMERICA!" Michael Dougherty Flickr
“AMERICA!” Michael Dougherty Flickr

Anonymous Student 4

It amazes me how a country that was supposedly built on freedom and democracy can somehow elect someone who is so hateful and prejudiced against any sliver of diversity here. I hope the people of America are happy with themselves. I hope the hatred and the bigotry really makes the voters feel better about themselves.

Anonymous Student 5

I feel like people need to calm down a little and stop over reacting. Nothing is going to change over night and they are acting as if the world is going to end.

Anonymous Student 6

There are many, many people who are afraid tonight. Here is what we can do — moving forward  watch out for your friends who are people of color; who are of the LGBTQIA+ community, who are women; who are immigrants, who are disabled, who are different. It is now, after the election, that they will need you to be as strong and adamant as you were before it.

Progress is inevitable. It always will be. Perhaps at times, like now, we will have to push harder than others for it but, in the end, we can move no other way but forward, for that is what we do. We are human beings, we are a people, and regardless of circumstance, forward is the only way in which we know how to move.

This point onward is for every woman, person of color, person in poverty, LGBTQ+ person who, long before us, shed blood and sat behind the bars of a jail cell for everything we have right now. For every little girl being told to shut up and sit down and every overqualified woman who’s felt defeated by their male counterpart, every immigrant and disabled person who’s been afraid for their lives. It is for all of these people on top of it being for everyone in our nation and the world who has been, is and will be touched by this. There are people willing to do what needs to be done to get where we have to be. We all mourn tonight. But when the sun breaks in a few hours, it will be time to fight. We stand up and on the shoulders of those who started the fight long before us. We have nowhere to move but forward. We will preserve. Don’t forget it.

"VOTE" Theresa Thompson Flickr
“VOTE” Theresa Thompson Flickr

Anonymous Student 7

Hi Golden Gazette! First of all, I’m glad you guys have this- it’s totally a great way for students to be able to express our thoughts to our own Naz community. So here are my thoughts:

Many people are saying this election has divided us, it has revealed the problem with our country, and in the face of this, we must come together and react with love instead of hate. I believe there is something to be said about the hate that is happening- we should not dismiss the outrage. Trump has expressed hateful views toward groups that are already oppressed, and we know that. So now I think about those groups, and all of the individuals affected. Given that they have been marginalized and mistreated for years, even decades, it makes sense that people are reacting with more hate. Granted it may not be the wisest thing to do, people’s actions are driven by emotion. That’s how we work.  If you think about it, when you feel that you’ve been treated wrong, you get upset. You want to stop it from happening, and you feel resentment and betrayal towards those who have treated you poorly.

To racial minorities, to the LGBTQ community, to Muslims, to everyone else Trump’s statements and goals can harm, the results of this election feels like betrayal.

To everyone else, the voters that brought him into office didn’t seem to think about anyone’s needs except their own wishes to “fix this country.” That’s why I understand the hate, I think anger is an understandable reaction, and I feel it as well. And by “coming together with love” we must recognize what exactly that means, and who we should be showing extra love to. Our reaction to this adversity will be the most revealing to how our country operates.

Anonymous Student 8

You know what? This election has really bothered me. And it honestly has very little to do with the candidates.

I am absolutely appalled by the way I see friends treating each other.

I have seen people saying that if anyone voted for the other candidate, they can just go ahead and unfriend them right now. I have heard people preach about tolerance and then practice nothing but hate. I have read posts about how “Love is Love Is Love”, and then watched the same person turn around and tell people to kill themselves because they voted for the other candidate or because they didn’t vote. I don’t care who you are or what you have done. I would NEVER treat someone that way. The whole point of this country is differing views and as long as you respect me, I would gladly talk about any point of view with you. I don’t think I have ever been so disheartened with the way people are treating each other than

"White House" Matt Wade Flickr
“White House” Matt Wade Flickr

I am right now. The attitudes are disgusting.


Anonymous Student 9

My emotional mood on the election would be described as; scared, anxious, and invested in what the future will bring.

Anonymous Student 10

Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the USA because people like him make the job of being president a joke. Congress should have rejected him in the first place.

Being president of US is for people who have honor and responsibility, to lead our country into a future of peace.

Not for communists that want to block out immigrants. We were once a country full of immigrants, immigration is how our country was born. I say if Trump ever pushes the US off the edge he will make us look like a bunch of terrorists. If that happens we will remove him from duty.

Be sure to stay tuned for the second part of this series in which we share more reactions from the Nazareth College student body about the election and the future of the United States.

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