Nazareth Students Reflect on Election Results: Part 2

So far in the aftermath of the election we have seen Obama and Trump meet at the White House, protests and riots break out across the country and Hillary and Bill take a hike through the woods of upstate New York.  So how are Nazareth College students feeling?  Today we continue our series of responses from students here at Naz.  We were blown away by all of the thoughtful feedback we received, as it certainly reflects the positivity and tolerance of the Nazareth community.

Anonymous Student 11

"Old Glory in Distress" FHG Photo Flickr
“Old Glory in Distress” FHG Photo Flickr

I am truly disgusted. I can’t believe that so many people are ready to turn back the clock on the progress we have made in this country. Equal pay is even less achievable for women now, as is paid maternity leave. There will now be less access to birth control/contraceptives and abortions. Muslim women are scared to wear their hijab and practice FREEDOM OF RELIGION, natural right in the United State. The fact that the Senate and House are also Republican, and that the new Supreme Court judge will be Republican is also very discouraging. Nothing good happens when one party is all in charge (whether it be Democrats or Republicans). I am honestly scared to see what this country is going to come to.

Anonymous Student 12

I was inconsolable at work the day Ted Cruz dropped out of the Presidential race. I legitimately could not function. Right now, I am shocked that I can function as a “normal person.” This election result has shattered my faith in humanity.

I am a very liberal person. I lean far to the left politically. I sided with Bernie Sanders before he was out of the race, and then with Hillary after that. Those candidates in my opinion stood for progressivism, and positive change in our country. Trump spewed hate and fear.

This tells me more about the country as a whole than about the candidates.

I am disappointed in our country. I thought we stood for higher policies. I guess I was wrong. As a woman, I fear for the future of my rights and for my safety. Rationally, I know that Trump cannot pass any outlandish things without Congress blocking him. Then again, I have never been a rational thinker.

Stay safe my friends, and be strong, Never lose faith.

Anonymous Student 13

I think that we all need to remember to stay positive, and do our best to radiate happiness everyday, because it is more important than ever. I truly believe that if you take away all of the labels, you realize we are much more alike than we are different.

Anonymous Student 14

I would love to share my opinion on this election. First off, I want to say that I’m annoyed by the fact that people just didn’t vote in general. Voting is a duty as a citizen and a lot of people just threw their right to vote away when people like Susan B Anthony fought for our right to vote. People before the election said their one vote wouldn’t matter, but as soon as Trump won the election, everyone who

"Susan B. Anthony Headstone" Liz Lawley Flickr
“Susan B. Anthony Headstone” Liz Lawley Flickr

didn’t vote realized that their vote could have made an effect because of how tight the race to presidency was, and they could have made a difference to the election, but they chose to not vote at all and I think that’s just upsetting because everyone’s vote really does matter, and you can clearly see that since the election has finally occurred. Now, I did vote for Donald Trump, but it does not make me sexist or racist or against the LGBTQ community in any way, shape, or form or anything like that because I do support everyone and I love everyone and no one should be considered unequal just because of who they love or because of their religion. I voted for him because I felt that he was the lesser of two evils, therefore I put my vote in for him. I feel that this election was one of the craziest elections in history because of how tight the race was to presidency for a lot of the election, and I honestly wasn’t expecting Trump to win. I do agree with some of the things Hillary says, and I agreed with some of the things that Trump says, but I felt like I leaned towards Trump a little more.

With the election, the amount of hate between everyone currently is sad. You shouldn’t unfriend someone or tell someone you hate them or say that you’re no longer friends with people based on their political views. I’m sorry but I think that’s the sad thing about this election.

The amount of hate between everyone currently is outrageous and that is what’s really sad. I just hope people find it in their hearts to love each other again, we are still America and we will still be the same people today as we were yesterday, we just have to find it in ourselves to love each other again rather than tear each other down. I believe that in order the get America back on track, America needs to give Trump a chance to show what he can do. Us as a people need to join together rather than break apart to bring this country back to unity and make it one of the best countries in the world.

Anonymous Student 15

I’ve heard many people say they fear for their lives–that people are going to come to their houses with pitchforks– because they voted for Trump. I’m just sitting here wondering…isn’t that exactly how POC, minorities, immigrants, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, etc. are feeling BECAUSE Trump was elected?

Anonymous Student 16

This morning, a nightmare became reality. I come to campus and for the first time in a while I looked at everyone passing by me only to see them wearing or at least trying to hide the devastation, despondence, shock, dejection, and raw horror on their faces as they process the calamity and grand regression that is strangling our home nation. If anything, everything that’s been happening with the campaigns and elections is MORE than enough of the face slapping reality we needed to not just wake up, but to stand up and raise our voices. I really hope everyone has been thinking of plans to not only continue living, but to really unite and fight all of this injustice, racism, inequality, bigotry, sexism, and everything else that has long ago been attacking us full throttle. Wishing and hoping is the beginning, but we need a whole lot more than that to combat the ignorance and unwillingness to accept the real horror that America is infected with. We are so much more than this election. Our ancestors have been fighting this battle long before us and we have to step up now more than ever to regain the high tide of this ongoing fight for an inclusive community that values and does its best to ensure equality, opportunity, justice for all. This world has officially become a lot scarier than we thought. Today, we extend countless and endless apologies to our fellow Muslim, black, Latino,

krytofr Flickr
krytofr Flickr

disabled, immigrant, and LGBT+, and female friends and everyone else who has ever felt belittled, devalued, disrespected, wronged, and oppressed because we all had a part in what America and this world has become. But here’s to hope and effective action, small scale and big. I hope we all take our role in this world a lot more seriously, especially if we haven’t been doing so already. We gotta pick ourselves and each other up. Be kind, compassionate, empathetic, courageous, rightfully outspoken. Stay strong and support each other. Feeling fear is more than appropriate; I just hope that we don’t let it immobilize and paralyze us. These are my thoughts. May anyone else who feels what I feel, find comfort in knowing that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way.

Love you all. Stay Safe. Stay Woke. Stay Determined. Stay Fighting. Together. A whole lot more of nastiness is on its way. Help clean each other of it. Keep it off of us. Don’t let it color, jade, or taint us. Obama said the sun will still rise. Let’s make sure that we as humans will rise with it.

Anonymous Student 17

I feel that as Americans, left, right or someplace in the middle we have the task of accepting the result and working to make and America we can all be proud of. I was not a supporter of the new President-Elect at the polls but lamenting will only serve to divide us more. We need to come together as citizens and tell the leaders how we want them to lead. It is still a nation by the people for the people and whether or not you feel that President-Elect Donald Trump feels that way, as a community united we can make him or any other leader hear that loud and clear.

Anonymous Student 18

Like many people, I am beyond sad and horrified that so many people could condemn and hate so many Americans. What’s even sadder to me is that the claims of why Hillary was a “bad” choice were so weak. Hillary deleted around 33,000 emails. They did two federal investigations of those emails, and found NOTHING incriminating. People say that this election conveys we’d rather have a man facing child rape allegations as president than a woman. Some might say that she’s not just a woman, but a crooked politician. The thing is… It is completely because she IS a woman. In 2009, It was discovered that George W. Bush and his administration had deleted more than 5 million emails.

5,000,000 emails vs. 33,000.

Don’t you dare tell me this wasn’t about gender.

In response to Clinton supporters: This doesn’t make anything less horrible, but I imagine that many people who voted for Trump voted because they dislike Hillary THAT much. Look, many of those people are poor misguided souls who were fooled by the relentless attacks made by Republicans. (See above) The best we can do is school them as much as they will listen about what went on with the email scandal and any other ridiculous claims. They may not listen, I know, but maybe those third party voters might understand what happened.

In response to Trump supporters: You might be seeing all these Hillary supporters crying, and think, “Wow, what sore losers.”

It’s not only about Hillary losing. That barely covers it.

They are crying because they fear for their LGBTQ and Muslim friends lives.

They’re terrified of all the hate crimes that surely will rise in frequency because white supremacists, xenophobes, and homophobes will feel empowered.

They’re terrified that women might die because they are unable to get an abortion.


Anonymous Student 19

As a college educated woman, I feel my power and voice has NOT been taken away. This is only the beginning and I am nothing but positive about the future of our country.

Anonymous Student 20

As an American-Jew, I am terrified for what a Trump presidency will mean for our country. 78 years ago today, on Kristallnacht, my family knew they would have to flee Germany if they wanted to survive. Not all of them did.

78 years later today, a man who has been compared to an early Hitler dozens of times has won the United States Presidential election.

Speaking as someone who has seen what prejudice can do, and how it has a lasting effect on survivors over 75 years later, my heart is with every black, Hispanic, lesbian, gay, transgender, Jewish, and Muslim man and woman in the United States who are now terrified for what the racist, sexist prejudices of one man can and will do to them. I am heartbroken that the United States made this decision and I can only hope that we will get to keep the freedoms so many people have worked for years and years to achieve.

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