The Best Places to Run in Rochester


With warmer weather approaching, I can’t help but get excited about getting off the treadmill and back outside to my favorite places to run around the Rochester area.

Throughout this post, I would like to share with you some of my personal favorite spots to run. Fortunately, some of the best spots to run are either within a short driving or walking distance.

To begin with, my favorite spot – and one most runners in Rochester tend to enjoy. This spot is Mount Hope Cemetery. This particular cemetery offers a variety of different paths with breathtaking scenery. Its trails offer very hilly terrains for those of you who enjoy elevation training.

Next on the list is the path along the Erie Canal. The canal is a fan favorite because of its length, the flat terrain, and of course, the water. I usually tend to gravitate toward the canal when I feel like taking a long, slow run to assist with my distance training. If running by the water on a dirt path isn’t necessarily your “thing,” perhaps you would enjoy the winding roads in the village of Fairport, New York.

Fairport has become a favorite spot of mine, primarily because of the surrounding picturesque shops and friendly people. It’s very hard not to find a smiling face when running through the village. The trails in Fairport offer smooth, paved sidewalks that are away from traffic, which proves to be much safer than running on the road.

The fourth, and last, area in which I would like to highlight is a short drive down I-390 South. Letchworth State Park has held a special spot in my heart for a very long time. It has become a particularly favorite spot for both running and hiking. Letchworth is a very versatile place to gain the ultimate exercise. It offers both trails and paved roads, all of which display stunning views of the gorge.

So, fellow runner, if you’re looking for a place to run, get out, and enjoy the spring weather: feel free to change up your routine and try any of these awesome areas.

Stay motivated and keep running.

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