The Overlooked Food of South Ave

When the topic of food in Rochester comes up, the South Wedge is often left out of the conversation. Places like Park Avenue and East Avenue are the first areas that spring to people’s mind. In the South Wedge, South Avenue specifically is a growing food hub that is frequently overlooked. This article will highlight some of the great restaurant options available to students visiting South Ave.


Highland Market Bakery and Deli

Located at 830 South Ave, the Highland Market is a combination of a deli, restaurant, and grocery store. The wide variety of groceries and household supplies available at the Market is very useful to those who live near it, and its deli offers great options for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, a classic egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is available, with a choice of ham, bacon, or sausage. For lunch, the Italian sausage is a tasty choice. It is loaded with peppers and onions, making it a filling option to help you power through the day. The establishment has plenty of seating for a sit-down meal, or you can grab your food to go.








Harry G’s New York Deli and Café

Harry G’s, located at 678 South Ave, has a huge selection of sandwiches, paninis, wraps, burgers, soups, and more. One of the best sandwiches to get is the French Dip. Available in half or full sizes, it consists of roast beef, mozzarella cheese and garlic spread, with a side of au jus to dip it in.


Another great order is the Buffalo Chicken panini. Stuffed with shredded chicken, hot sauce, bleu cheese and pepper jack cheese, the crisp bread adds a satisfying crunch to this item. A side of crispy waffle fries is also a great addition.








Roll’n Yen Café


Finishing with desert, Roll’n Yen Café serves authentic Thai fried ice cream. At 656 South Ave, you choose a base flavor, candy or fruit toppings, and a flavored syrup. The ice cream is poured in a milk mixture form onto a freezing plate, creating the ice cream in front of your eyes. It is then rolled into tubes and placed in the bowl, with toppings and whipped cream soon to follow.

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