Tunnel Vision at Naz

If you live in a town that has really cold winters, such as Rochester, you probably wish for a day in which you can attend class or go to work without ever stepping foot outside.

If you go to Nazareth College, you have the option to do so throughout an entire academic year, all thanks to our tunnels.

Now, if you’re not familiar with our tunnels, you are probably wondering how it works and what buildings you can access; but it’s simple. Our tunnels are underground (basement level) and they connect the Nazareth community to a number of buildings on campus. These buildings include the library, the Shultz Center, Peckham Hall, Golisano Center (GAC), Smyth Hall, Lourdes, Kearney, and Medaille. We also have an on-campus shuttle that can take you door-to-door to the building of your choice whether you’re trying to beat the weather or spare yourself a walk. The interesting thing about the tunnels, aside from the obvious, is what we sometimes don’t notice.

Many people who take the tunnels are in a rush to go from point a to b and if you’ve taken a walk through the tunnels yourself you will notice, or not, that many other people have “tunnel vision.” Some of you may be guilty of this (I, personally, am). To prove or disprove yourself of having a serious case of “tunnel vision,” this quiz may be of a little help.

When walking through the tunnels:

  1. Do you keep your head lowered for most of the trip to avoid awkward eye contact with your peers?
  2. Are your eyes glued to your phone?
  3. Do you put on headphones to listen to music (therefore avoiding any small talk)?
    • Are you actually listening to music? We all know that trick.
  4. Did you notice that we have new artwork adorning our walls?
  5. Have you seen at least one person wearing flip-flops, shorts, or dressed as though they literally just rolled out of bed?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those first four questions, or ‘no’ to the last question, you may be guilty of having a bit of “tunnel vision.”

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