Twin Flames: A True Spark or an Extinguished Myth?

Have you ever met someone that you had this intense, remarkable connection to? Did you somehow just hit it off, with no warrant or reason— you simply just clicked? 


This alleged, profound encounter is when one finds what is known to be called a “twin flame.” More explicitly defined, it is when you supposedly find the other half of your soul. Although sometimes coined as discovering one’s “mirror soul,” one could associate this with the similar “soulmate” phenomenon; however, these differ in the fact that they are not limited to romantic partners, and there is only one sole individual that serves as someone’s twin flame. (It is theorized that people have multiple soulmates). Further, one’s twin flame could be a partner, friend, stranger, or even a family member. intro:photo1

Although it is difficult to trace when the exact theory of twin flames originated, many cultures throughout the world have adopted a similar concept, that being the incarnation of two souls into one. 

In Hindu mythology, it is suggested that the union of Shiva-Shakti is of a similar, religious relation to twin flames; despite their contrast in divinity, Shiva, being the divine masculine and Shakti, the divine feminine, they are actually considered ‘one’. It is then said whenever they come together, creation happens: creation of life, ideas, betterment of the world, and harmony. 


Even the great Athenian philosopher, Plato, had his own take on twin flames. In The Symposium dialogue, Plato has Aristophanes, a classical Greek playwright, present a fantastical story about how humans were at one time twice the people they are now, however, this was perceived as a threat to the gods. So, like any elysian tyrant, Zeus cut everyone in half. And ever since, it was said that the humans were to eternally go amok in search of their other half, to then become whole.


While there are these two elaborate examples, one could consider a lot of world religions and cultures to have adopted a similar perspective on this kind of connection, whether that be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Native American spiritualism, or even sorts of modern-day mysticism. 


Conversely, though, do twin flames actually exist? Or, are they simply a person you happen to get along with to the extreme? In a sense, twin flames could also be a false hope to give people a sort of awakening. Moreso, the fact that a relative mass of people experience this similar bond could be nothing more than a symptom of the human condition. It doesn’t mean it is of anything unusual or supernatural. But at the same time, that might be all we need to know that there is something more going on. photo2

Another thing, though, is there only a limit for twin flames to happen in a human-human sense? Who’s to say that one can’t have a twin flame with a beloved pet, hobby, or nature? These things are often said to have a significant effect on our lives.

To some, this concept could seem to be somewhat bizarre, ludicrous, or even “too deep.” However, a twin flame relationship does not have to be viewed in this stagy, sensational way of fusing energies or whatnot. This bond doesn’t even have to be labeled as so. To the most general of views, these “soulmate,” “twin flame,” or “life partner” terms are most likely utilized because we don’t know what else to do or say about these unique linkages to others. It is quite easy for the people who have never experienced this to judge; to say one is crazy, that this doesn’t exist—that it’s “all in your head!” Be that as it may, that is also making a hasty assumption because, truly, we do not know whether or not a twin flame exists. 


Either way, the existence of these experiences are valid— no matter if we call it twin flames, mirror souls, or something else, it’s happening, it’s here. The possibilities within this kind of union could grant an incredible amount of personal growth, self-awareness, love, and care.


Whether or not you believe in the twin flame speculation, there is only best wishes to want for you, fellow reader, I hope you find a person like this someday—romantic, platonic, or otherwise—that somehow provides you with that wonderful sensation, that you found your person, your home. 



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