What To Do During Spring Break If You’re Not Vacationing

No vacation plans for Spring Break? No problem. Spring Break can still be fun spending it at home if you make the most out of it. Check out these suggestions on how to enjoy your Spring Break at home.

Hang out with your friends from high school

Not everyone is going on vacation. Text a few of your high school friends and ask if they want to catch up. Grab lunch at your go-to restaurant. Go see a movie at your local theater. At least there’s less of a chance of running into those from high school you would rather avoid since they’re likely on vacation.

Get a new look

You may not be going on vacation, but getting a light spray tan will make it look like you did. Or, go to the salon and get a manicure you wouldn’t usually go for! And if you are feeling particularly brave, get your hair cut and colored. You’ll look like a brand new person when you go back to school.

Pick up some extra hours at your hometown job

Working? Not so fun. The money you make from working? Much more fun. It might suck at the time to put in so many hours of work during a break, but at least you can update your wardrobe afterwards with your new wad of cash. Hey, maybe you can even save up some of that money to go on an awesome vacation for next year’s Spring Break.

Over everything– relax!

Grab some greasy potato chips, plop down on the couch, and binge watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or whatever show you have been wanting to watch, but have been too busy to. Sometimes the simpler things are better to enjoy than going on a family vacation. Your friends on vacation aren’t going to get the time to relax and watch television.

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