Athlete Profile: Ben Rodney, Men’s Soccer

At the tender age of 4, Ben Rodney learned to kick a soccer ball long before he could run. 14 years later, he got the opportunity of a lifetime. He was accepted into Nazareth College and recruited to play soccer. He packed his bags, and headed to the United States for a new adventure. This versatile forward has made a lasting impact on the soccer field. Coming in as a freshman, the idea of having to miss class to travel to an away game was quite daunting for Rodney, and he was worried about falling behind in class. However, as the years went by, he learned that the biggest key to success with this challenge is time management. Being able to look at future assignments and complete work ahead of time is crucial. 

 I felt that by coming to Naz I’d be able to excel in the sport I love (soccer) as well as receive a quality education, ultimately, a degree in Business Administration.”

In 2015, Rodney appeared in 15 games, scored twice (1 against RIT and 1 against Elmira) and finished out last season with 22 shots. This year, Ben has one goal against Fredonia under his belt, and continues to be a huge contributor to the offensive line.

One of his major accomplishments on the field was in 2015, he scored in the 75th minute Rodney tied the game after collecting a long pass from a teammate, Elmira’s goalie, left the goal line to challenge Rodney, but Rodney chipped his shot over the goalie’s head and inside the left post for his second tally of the season. Not only was this memorable for the spectators, but this was also memorable for Rodney because it was a picture perfect goal.

Ben Rodney and the rest of the Nazareth men’s soccer team will conclude their season on Saturday, October 29th. Ben and 8 other seniors will step on the field at Golden Flyer Stadium for the last time that day, so your support for these seniors would be incredibly appreciated; kick off is at 1pm.

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