Candidate Bio – Cameron Johnson

Name: Cameron Johnson

Year/Major(s): Fall 2016 / Biomedical Sciences/ Minors Premed & Chemistry

What campus activities or organizations are you involved in?

Member of the Science, Premed, and Prehealth Clubs. Student Worker for the Chemistry Department. Just interviewed for Orientation Leader so hopefully I will be a part of that soon as well.

Position Running For: VP of Communications/Executive Board

Why are you running for this position?

I feel my strong leadership skills and desire to help others will allow me to bring some positive change to Nazareth.

What do you hope to accomplish at this position during the 2015/2016 year?

I would like to build on what has been successful in the past and find new ways to improve campus communication. Keeping students in the loop is very important and even more important is making sure all students know every single resource and opportunity available to them.

If you could improve anything on campus, regardless of what it would take, what would it be and why?

I think buildings should be open later for students to study in. Peckham closes far to early as I’m sure other favorite study locales do and it doesn’t really make sense. If students want to pull some late nights studying because they care enough about their grades why should they be forced to leave early?

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about college? Explain:

I enjoy coming to class everyday. I can’t really say I don’t enjoy something to be honest. I feel pretty honored to be able to come to such a great school everyday and learn from some really accomplished professors. Looking around at the men and women who make up the undergraduate population, it becomes pretty evident that the quality of student here is pretty high and I’m pretty content with just coming to class every day and learning something new.

Why do you think it’s important for students to participate in the UA or other campus activities?

It’s not just about the present time; participating in UA, clubs, or other campus activities allows the student to help create a better future for the students who will come after. Having pride in your school is a good thing and in the process you will meet some great people and grow as an individual.

Are there any new initiatives or programs you are looking to introduce?

I have some ideas, but I would like to really communicate with the student body and listen to what they want. Personally, I would like to see even more community service opportunities offered to students so no matter what your schedule looks like, you could partake in something throughout the year.

What is your favorite Netflix show to binge watch?

I’m getting ready to finish my 6th time all the way through “The Office.” I love to really analyze the writing done on that show, it’s pretty amazing. Gotta love a little Grey’s Anatomy too of course.

What are your feelings on Zayn leaving One Direction?

I actually heard about it from my daughter, she’s 8. I was pretty upset but she told me he isn’t even the cutest one so I guess it’s not so bad. As long as Harry stays put I think we’re in good shape.

If I came over to your house for dinner, what would you make for me?

When I lived in San Diego I discovered their staple food item was the “California Burrito.” It puts Chipotle and Moe’s to shame. Since coming home I have perfected it so consider yourself lucky if you ever have the chance to feast on one.

What is your dream job and why?

If you can even call it a job, definitely would have to say “Surgeon.” I’m premed and hopefully one day I can turn the dream into reality.

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