Candidate Bio – Hannah Eberle

Name: Hannah Eberle

Year/Major(s): 2018 , Spanish

What campus activities or organizations are you involved in?

LASMA, LAMBDA, The Golden Gazette, Art Club

Current UA Position:

Recording Secretary

Do you have prior experience as an official?

No, but I have always been involved in school clubs and after school


Position Running For: Class of 2018 Senator

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for this position because being the recording secretary has

opened my eyes to other roles I could have on campus, and I think being a

senator would be a great way to make positive changes for students at Naz

and make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

What do you hope to accomplish at this position during the 2015/2016 year?

I am hoping to reach out to students and make sure that they can voice any

concerns or needs they have to Senate. I am also looking forward to working

with the class officers for the Class of 2018.

If you could improve anything on campus, regardless of what it would take,

what would it be and why?

I think that given the opportunity to improve anything, I would try to improve

printing for students and try to make that more reliable.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about college? Explain:

My favorite thing about college is the independence of being able to be on

my own, my least favorite thing is probably not having enough time in the

day to get everything done sometimes.

Why do you think it’s important for students to participate in the UA or other

campus activities?

It’s important to be involved on campus so that you can create the type of

college experience you want to have and contribute to the type of

community that drew you to this school in the first place. It gives you the

ability to really be a part of something.

Are there any new initiatives or programs you are looking to introduce?

I think it would be great to do more class events with the Class of 2018 next


If you had to be stuck in one movie, which would it be and why?

If I had to be stuck in a movie, it would be The Grand Budapest Hotel

because Wes Anderson creates the craziest, most detailed worlds and I

would really like to try a Mendl’s pastry or see “Boy With Apple” in person.

If you had to be a kitchen utensil, which would you be and why?

Probably those little pointy things you stick on the ends of corn on the cob.

They are very helpful, and there’s no way you could eat corn without them. Plus

now they come in cool shapes, so maybe I could be a

dinosaur-corn-on-the-cob-pointy-thing or something like that.

What is your dream job and why?

My dream job would be to own a baby store/gelato shop/cat place, ideally

located by the Mediterranean Sea. This way I could spend all my time with cats

while shamelessly eating all the gelato in the world and holding other people’s

babies while they shopped, all in a beautiful seaside village in Italy. What could

be better than that?

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