Club Spotlight: Music Business Club

Who doesn’t love music?  The Music Business Club at Nazareth College is all about learning the business side of the music industry while having fun making the campus more active in the music community.

The Nazareth College Music Business Club stems from the Music Business degree program.  The club president is Jacob Chesney, a sophomore music business major, and an excellent guitar player.  I sat down with Chesney so we could talk about the future of the club and what it has been up to so far this year.    

battle of the bands flyerThe main event hosted by the club this year was Battle of the Bands, which took place in Colie’s Cafe. There were approximately 60 students in attendance, and everyone had a great time. It was the last day of classes first semester, so it was a great stress reliever for everyone around the start of finals. It featured a few of the student bands which exist on campus; including Walrus Junction, Circuit Juicebox, and Mac Salad.  Walrus Junction is an alternative rock group, Circuit Juicebox is a rock band that specializes in unique covers, and Mac Salad is a funk band. Walrus Junction won, and the prize was a gift card to Guitar Center. This was basically a big concert, and from all accounts, it was a lot of fun with many great bands being showcased.

Chesney’s main goal for the club is to get more music events on campus, especially ones that showcase the talent of musicians at Naz. Battle of the Bands was a great example of this, and he plans to organize similar events in the future.

Another purpose of this club is to help people who want to enter the music industry.  Chesney says he wants to “figure out what draws people to the music industry, and then see how they can develop a career in that field.”  He wants to have different teams of people work on projects that happen within the industry; such as social media, concert promotions, artist relations, and graphic design.

Brother Wease
Roy Stein’s Music Business 101 Class gets a visit from Brother Wease DJ for the FOX 95.1 FM

In the past, the Music Business Club has attended music industry conferences around the country to network and connect with industry professionals. Chesney would like for the club to get back on these conferences starting next year.

On a philanthropic note, Chesney notes that he would like to go to city schools to talk to kids about music. He has had trouble gaining traction on this idea, but it is something that he hopes will happen beginning next year.  The future of music depends on kids, so this is certainly an important effort which he hopes to achieve.

The Music Business Club currently contains mostly music business students, but the club is open to all students on Naz’s campus.  Anyone interested in joining the club may contact Jake Chesney at

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