Club Spotlight: Philosophy


If you think the above video is what they do in Philosophy Club, then you’re sadly mistaken. This is a club where people can go and have conversations. Conversations that stem outside of the standard hum drum small talk and that really dive into what we think. It allows for students to really explore their opinions on topics and listen to what others have to say. The club offers a very laid back atmosphere, being held in the Philosophy lounge filled with books, mahogany furniture, and very comfortable couches.

I sat down with the President of Philosophy Club, Casey Holland, and long time member, Chase Ferren, to get more details of what happens in Philosophy Club.

Can you just give me a quick overview of what Philosophy Club is?

Casey Holland: It’s one of many Nazareth’s undergrad association clubs, we’ve been around for I want to say five years now. So I think one of the most popular misconceptions about the Philosophy Club is that we’re a club about philosophy but we don’t really talk about Philosophy in an academic sense. We don’t talk about Socrates and Plato. It’s more just a discussion of daily life, our lives, things we can relate to. We try to make it as relatable as possible. We encourage people to come with anything they’ve been thinking about, something that just seems interesting to them.

What would you say to entice a new comer to come to Philosophy Club?

Chase Ferren: It’s interesting. It sounds like we just sit around and discuss, like Casey said, academics, books, philosophers and people that I’m sure I, and a lot of other philosophy majors, haven’t even heard of. So it’s not something only Philosophy majors and minors, or even people even remotely interested in philosophy need to worry about. It’s more a discussion of what we think about things. Anything. We’ve discussed media, we’ve discussed beauty, you name it, it’s been a topic. And it’s a great way to meet people and to get different ideas and learn about other peoples perspectives. It’s just how we can expand our own view points to include other peoples experiences.

Holland also said that Nazareth Students would benefit from coming to Philosophy Club because it’s good to set aside time to just sit back and think about things. It’s good for people to show up and talk about themselves for a little bit, and listen to what others have to say.

The Philosophy Club usually meets on Thursdays at 5:15 in the Philosophy lounge. Look out for emails about future meetings, including a movie night with a to be determined date.

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