Defining the Graphic Designer: a Creative Fighter


Hmm… A graphic design major writing a blog for an English and communications class? This is a little odd, right? Wrong!

Here’s my chance to share and introduce to my fellow readers the wonderful world of graphic design right here at Nazareth College.

Some of you may know me around campus, but for those who don’t, this is my third year at Nazareth. I am currently a junior studying visual communication design. After mentioning my major, I usually have to indicate that the name of my program is a fancy title for graphic illustration. What’s involved with this program, you might ask? Well, we graphic designers study multiple platforms, including web design, advertising design, typography, and illustration. We as visual artists, whether attending Nazareth or another college or university, are often mistaken as “doodling” all day while pursuing our degrees.

However, I will be the voice to prove skeptics wrong.

So, out of all careers, why graphic design? Why not education, or nursing, like I always thought of doing while attending high school? The answer is simple – well, at least to me when I finally realized it. I get to be creative while being surrounded by other innovative colleagues. My classmates push me to be a better designer, and above that, a better person. I am inspired by them every day.

Saying the art department professors here at Nazareth are seriously some of the most genuine and incredibly talented group of people is quite an understatement. If it wasn’t for Mitch Messina, the ceramics professor, telling me I “kicked some major ass” after judging my portfolio, I wouldn’t have been accepted. If it wasn’t for my drawing professor, Maureen Brilla-Fitzpatrick, reminding me art was a way of survival, I wouldn’t be pushing my limits as an artist. If it wasn’t for Sherri Baker-Hamilton, my advisor who also stands as my graphic design guru and typography-loving professor, I wouldn’t be so excited with what my future holds. I’m so grateful for my guiding educators who recognize greatness in each of their students.

Because of my professors and colleagues, I have become a skilled problem-solver and visual responder to my surroundings – my blank canvas. My skills will be addressed and put to the test as I pursue employment post-graduation within one of many fields: advertising, marketing, multimedia and web building, packaging and publication design, and branding. No matter where I end up, I’m more than sure I will be doing something I love.

In my next couple posts, I will be interviewing other creatives at Nazareth within the visual communication design program.  Readers will learn what it takes to become a graphic artist through each student’s personal falls and triumphs.  Every story is unique, and I can’t wait to share each one with my readers.

Cheers to all designers as we battle our visionary fight!

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