Life@Naz: Commuters Tell All

Three Nazareth students unveil the secrets about life as commuters!

Naz GG: What year are you at Nazareth and what is your major?

Commuter A: A freshman nursing major.

Commuter B: I’m a junior and I major in education.

Commuter C: I’m a senior and my major is marketing.

Naz GG: What made you decide to commute instead of living on campus?

Commuter A: I’m from around Rochester so I would rather live at home.

Commuter B: I used to live on campus during my freshman and sophomore years,

but I decided I’d like to live in my own apartment for junior year off-campus.

Commuter C: My greatest deciding factor was money. Since my family lives so close

to Nazareth, I can just as easily commute from home and not spend thousands on

room and board or in rent.

Naz GG: What is the hardest part about commuting so far?

Commuter A: Not having a place to go during my long breaks between classes.

Commuter B: Definitely waking up earlier to get ready and drive to campus.

Commuter C: This is a pretty random answer, but not having a meal plan! Packing my

lunch and/or dinner in the morning is just one more thing to do.

Naz GG: What is the best part about commuting so far?

Commuter A: I can save up money.

Commuter B: The best part about commuting so far is being able to go home and

sleep in my own bed at night, for sure.

Commuter C: Knowing I will have so much less in student loans!

Look at all dem commuters!

Naz GG: Do you feel as though you’re missing out on the full “college experience” by commuting?

Commuter A: No. I like that I can go to my classes and then go home. It keeps me

more focused.

Commuter B: Since I lived on campus during my first two years at Nazareth, I

don’t feel like I missed out on that experience at all.

Commuter C: Sometimes I feel sad that I never lived on campus or in an apartment

with my friends, but I think it will be so worth it when I’m paying off the student loans that I

do have.

Naz GG: What could Nazareth do to make life easier for commuters?

Commuter A: Create better parking for commuters.

Commuter B: Make a big nap room! A room full of bunk-beds for us commuters to

nap in between classes…that would be pretty cool.

Commuter C: Maybe making an even smaller meal plan option? I don’t need as

big of a meal plan as the students that live here, but a smaller option would be ideal for

someone like me that only needs a few meals a week.


Searnie Knight with the Nazareth Commuters Association! Check out the Nazareth website or email to learn more about meeting times!
Searnie Knight with the Nazareth Commuters Association! Check out the Nazareth website or email to learn more about meeting times!

Caroline Nelson

Caroline Nelson is a senior at Nazareth College. After completing her bachelor's degree in communications and marketing, she plans to enter a career in the field of health communication. She is currently employed as a member of the sports staff at the JCC of Rochester. In addition, she leads Nazareth’s Love Your Melon Campus Crew, which raises money and awareness for pediatric cancer. As a Rochester native, you can catch her plowing through multiple garbage plates in one sitting. On a day with no obligations, Caroline would love to work out, sing and play guitar, hang out with her 4 little brothers, and eat peanut butter by the spoonful(s).

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