Lost in Pompeii

Harmony Bredesen

Meet Harmony Bredesen, a communication sciences and disorders major here at Nazareth. She is halfway through
her junior year, working towards becoming a speech language pathologist.

This past summer, Harmony, had the time of her life studying abroad in the beautiful country of Italy. It was a 5-week long trip, which allowed her to visit over 18 cities. Her all time favorite place was Venice. “As soon as I stepped off the boat, I was amazed by the atmosphere and extraordinary beauty, it was like I was in a dream”.

A favorite memory of Harmony’s was the day she was lost in Pompeii. Harmony and her travel group took a train into the city and toured the ruins. They had some free time in Pompeii to explore and shop on their own. At 4 o’clock in the evening, they were to meet up with the chaperones at the train station to return home. They made it back to the station 2 minutes past 4 and the chaperones were nowhere in sight. “We thought, no way they would leave us here in Pompeii on our own”. 4 of the girls waited around to keep and eye out, and Harmony and her friend Mercedes set out to try and find the chaperones. They had no luck and at this point they began laughing uncontrollably. They were alone in Pompeii, somewhere that was completely “foreign” to them (pun intended). The best part was, none of the girls could speak much Italian so trying to find their way back was going to be quite humorous. They finally spoke to a couple that understood some English, they informed the girls that another train would be arriving in another hour.

The girls simply waited around, laughing and joking that they were stranded in Pompeii. It sure did make a good story and where is a better place to be lost in than Pompeii. What an experience.

“Studying abroad opened my mind to new perspectives and I gained a better insight to cultural differences. While abroad, I grew and learned many new things about myself. My advice to other students who may be thinking about studying abroad is, just do it. There is no reason not to, there is time, there are funds available to help you and it will be the greatest time of your life”.

For more information on studying abroad, visit the Center for International Education’s website.

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