Meet a Graphic Design Student: Olivia Hoover


Olivia Hoover is a senior visual communication design major here at Nazareth College – and she also happens to be one of my very best friends (since sophomore year).

Olivia grew up in Elmira, New York and transferred to Nazareth three years ago from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston. I recently interviewed her about the collective moments and experiences that make her the graphic artist she is today.

So, Olivia – Why did you choose Nazareth’s graphics program?

“I have always loved design… and just art in general, right from the beginning. When I was a kid my grandma wrote little books and I illustrated them. I also made fake magazine and CD covers. I designed worksheets for my teddy bears when I played “school.”

My passion continued through my teens and I was awarded the first place ribbon at my high school’s art show during senior year. As an incoming college freshman, I was scared to enter into the art field. I paid too much attention to the people who told me I “wouldn’t make any money” and I “wouldn’t be able to do anything with an art degree.” So, I strayed from my passion and pursued a degree in education and became a student athlete. It didn’t take long for me to miss the graphite smears all over my hands from drawing, or my tired eyes from staring at my computer screen for hours while I work on a graphics project. I longed for these things.

I soon dropped my major, transferred to Naz, and decided to pursue my true passion: design! As for the skeptics, boy, were they wrong. Nazareth has given me the opportunity as a student designer to make money freelancing and land some pretty cool internships. Right now, I’m at the Rochester Museum and Science Center helping design exhibits. This summer, I will be interning in Richmond, Virginia as a web designer.

So, my advice to anyone out there who is scared to enter into the creative field – don’t be scared! When you combine your passion with hard work and dedication, you will be successful.

What was your favorite class at Nazareth so far, and why?

My favorite art class so far has been Typography 1 & 2. Sherri Hamilton, my advisor and favorite professor, taught it. She is so full of positivity and smiles, so just looking at her puts me in a good mood. I recommend taking any class that she teaches. I also enjoyed the classes because I learned a lot about using typography in a professional way, as well as the history of type.

What was your most memorable graphic design moment at Nazareth?

Although Naz has given me several great opportunities as a designer, my favorite moment so far has definitely been when someone bought my Harry Potter book cover series from the 2015 Naz Art Show. It made me so happy that someone liked my art enough to buy it!

So, what are your plans after graduation?

I hope to get a job offer from one of my internships. My dream is to be a graphic designer for an advertising agency.

Keep battling your creative, visionary fight, Olivia!

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