Meet an Athlete: Gannon Connors


To go along with my previous post, The College Athlete Experience, I interviewed Gannon Connors, a member of the swim team here at Nazareth College, to hear about his experience of being involved in a collegiate sport. Below are some of the questions that I asked him along with his responses.

S: What made you decide to be a collegiate athlete?

G: Swimming has always been an integral part of my life. I began swimming competitively when I was eight years old and continued all throughout my high school career. I knew when I was researching colleges that I wanted to continue participating in the sport that I love. After visiting the school and coming on an overnight recruit trip, I knew that Naz would be a great fit for me.

S: How did being a part of this team play a factor in your adjustment to college life?

G: Being on a team played a huge factor in my adjustment as a freshman. I immediately felt that I was part of large group of friends, which I now call my second family. Having a great group of friends right off the bat really eased the transition into the college workload and social life.

S: How has swimming played a part in your academic experience?

G: The relationship works both ways. Swimming has given me a high degree of mental focus. When I’m swimming it gives me a chance to escape from my stressful academic obligations. At the same time, school gives me a way to compete with myself outside of the sport.

S: What is the best memory you have made on this team so far?

G: A memory that I will never forget is when the team went on training trip to Puerto Rico this winter. The training was very intense, but everyone came together with support to help each other get through it. When we weren’t training, we had a lot of fun exploring the beaches and historical sites of Old San Juan.

S: What is your best accomplishment on this team?

G: My best accomplishment would be breaking four of our teams’ relay records this past season. My favorite part about this accomplishment was that I was able to share this experience with the other members of my team.

S: What are your aspirations for the future on the Naz team?

G: I hope to see the Nazareth Men’s and Women’s teams continue to have success in and out of the pool. It would be great to see both teams have a winning record next season. I think that the energy will be very high next season as we are getting a new head coach. Hopefully the new coach will be able to bring us into a new era of competing, while keeping old traditions alive.

Best of luck to Gannon Connors, along with the rest of the Nazareth Swimming and Diving Team, on next year’s season.

Photo by Adam Antalek

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