Nazareth Hockey Interview

As a lover of hockey, and a lover of Nazareth, it’s no surprise that I’ve been keeping up with progress of the Nazareth Hockey team throughout their season this semester. With eight home games so far I’ve been fortunate to see how they have improved, and thrilled to get the chance to be there supporting a great team.

For a better look into what goes on and off the ice I interviewed forward, Brad Pizzey and defenseman, Jacob Paluch.

The Puck Drops | Nazareth College Flickr
The Puck Drops | Nazareth College Flickr

GG: How is the season going so far?

Pizzey: It’s not going too badly. We have had a lot of opportunities to score in these last few games. We started out with a loss and a tie but we had a little hot streak but the last few games have been rough. With that being said, we’re definitely in the upswing and looking forward to the second half of the season.

GG: What has improved since last season and what improvements can still be made?

Paluch: We improved our offensive talent this season; we are a lot more skilled and a lot faster. Moving forward we just have to put it all together and eventually start scoring some goals. That will lead to success for the rest of the year.

GG: Has the team faced any obstacles this season?

Paluch: I think we got off to a pretty good start but recently we have gotten into a bit of a rut. We have lost a couple games in a row. Moving forward we have to learn to put that behind us and finish the second half of the year strong.

Pizzey: The last few games we haven’t been able to score as many goals as we were in the beginning of the season. The next few games we’re going to focus on putting the puck in the net and finishing every chance we get.

GG: What is your favorite part about being a part of the Nazareth Hockey team?

Paluch: I just like being a part of the team. I like having a group of friends – basically brothers – around campus that I can always hang out with, go out with, and socialize with.

Pizzey: I like being able to do something I love while continuing my education. While I do that I get to represent a whole school of people. They’re at the games, they’re getting hyped for every goal and that just makes the experience better. Overall, I just like being a part of the team.

There will be many more chances to see the Golden Flyers on the ice in the second half of the season. Home games are held at Bill Grey’s Iceplex. For more information about the team check out the Nazareth Athletics website.

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