Once A Flyer, Always A Flyer

When a student enters college, time management quickly becomes one – if not the most important – skill. Balancing social lives in conjunction with class schedules and homework can prove to be a tough task.

Additionally, what if you’re a student-athlete? Do student athletes have a more fine-tuned sense of time management, or does having something regimented and disciplined aid their time management process? Living on a dorm floor completely composed of student-athletes has allowed me to really observe their routines, and see how they go about their days. I spoke with three men’s lacrosse players in particular who all have different takes on the same schedule.


Kevin Hussey, pictured to the left, tore his labrum during the last spring season and unfortunately had to have surgery this past August. Confined to the sidelines while he recovers, Hussey heads to the training room an hour or so before practice starts to work on healing and rebuilding his muscles through the rehabilitation program provided by Nazareth’s athletic trainers. A business and finance major in Naz’s School of Management, Hussey finds himself relatively busy during the day and into the late hours of the night. Trying to find time for meals to fuel himself as well as get enough sleep, he says that having a few hours of lacrosse thrown into the mix helps him focus. “Having only a certain amount of time to do things due to a full schedule forces you to budget your time better and be much more efficient” he says. “Usually I watch TV or lay in bed for a while to chill out, then I’ll go to the library and really sit down and focus because that’s the only time I have to finish my work.”


Much like their teammate, Parker Lawrence and Tim Vinton find themselves in similar situations. Parker, an accounting major, and Tim, a chemistry major, are also both loaded up with homework on top of their practice schedule. Though Tim and Parker don’t have rehabilitation to fit into their day before practice, they’re both faceoff specialists, so they are on the turf a half an hour to an hour before practice every day to work on their technique. With schedules that look a lot like Kevin’s, the boys usually squeeze in their meals between classes and find ways to chill out after practice before doing homework.

The general consensus between the boys was this: having lacrosse throughout both fall and spring semesters regiments their schedule and gives them something to work for. The grade requirements that they have to maintain for lacrosse as well as the time constraints to get their work done forces them to do their best work, and do it efficiently. Not only that, but being on a team provides a strong sense of family and brotherhood, and creates a bond that lasts forever. Ask any student-athlete and they’ll tell you; once a Flyer, always a Flyer.

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