Why You Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad for me started out as just talking about it.

A far away fantasy; like a Disney Movie where it could never happen to me.

I was looking up places to study abroad one day while hanging out with friends. They told me that studying abroad can be closer to reality than I thought. So, I looked into it more and they were right.




I was soon setting up a meeting and discussing how long and when I would be able to go. I decided on a study abroad over the summer so it would not affect my classes here. I called home excited that it would be something I would be able to do. I packed my bags and had the trip of a lifetime. I spent a month of my summer vacation in Pescara, Italy. I traveled every weekend to a different city to learn about their history. As part of the trip we toured museums and gazed upon art I never dreamed I would see in my life. I never wanted to leave.


Photo_2It felt like a fairytale being time-zones away from home. I would have to message home just to know that it was not a dream.


If you feel as if studying abroad is not for you because your schedule is too intense, don’t! There are always ways to study abroad. We are fortunate enough to go to such an amazing school that offers unbelievable study abroad opportunities. The Overseas Studies and Exchanges Department staff are fantastic at helping you put together a plan to fit a study abroad trip into your hectic schedule. There are also many opportunities for scholarships available to help with your finances.



There are even study/travel opportunities throughout the year including winter and spring breaks as well. I highly recommend looking into the trip of your lifetime. You will not regret it!





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