De-Stressing During Midterms Week

Photo 1 _Destressing During Midterm Week_

I know what you’re thinking: How did we already get to midterms? Everyone is stressed out trying to study to ace their tests. But too much stress can be detrimental to not only your scores, but also your mental health. There are several different ways to help alleviate some of the pressures of this hectic week. Here are a few:


Do the basics

Photo 2 _Destressing During Midterm Week_

This may sound arbitrary, but when we are stressed we often forget to do the most basic things such as sleeping and eating. You may want to drink caffeinated beverages and pull an all-nighter in your dorm room, but not getting enough sleep will leave you drained the next day and negatively affect your grade. Also making sure you are three balanced meals everyday will keep your stomach full and your energy up.   



Photo 3 _Destressing During Midterm Week_

Leaving at least 30 minutes a day to hit the gym can relieve a lot of stress, release endorphins, and give you the energy needed to keep studying for a few hours. From simply walking to heavy-lifting, getting yourself moving will improve not only your body, but your mind as well.


Meditate and be mindful

Photo 4 _Destressing During Midterm Week_

Practicing meditation and mindfulness are beneficial for stress in both the short-term and long-term. Spending just five minutes a day meditating can quickly ease stress and anxiety, and allow you to continue studying. Being mindful is all about keeping yourself grounded and it allows you to be self-aware of any stress or anxiety you may be ignoring.


Take study breaks to spend time with your friends

Photo 5 _Destressing During Midterm Week_

Being surrounded by your school friends who are also drowning in the stress of studying will help you to cope with your stress. Study with your friends, and also be sure to take a few breaks to hang out and talk throughout the day. They know the struggle just as much as you do.

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