Four Reasons to Study Abroad

  1. You Will Learn More Than You Would in Any Classroom

While taking classes in college is very beneficial to your education, there is nothing quite like traveling in

order to gain real life experience. When you study abroad, not only are you learning in classroom settings,

but the whole time you are in the country you learn about a new culture and meeting new people who have

lives completely different than yours. 

Taylor Santabarbara, who studied in Austria and Italy has only good things to say about studying abroad: “Everything you read and see in textbooks comes alive. It makes me more excited about what I am learning about”.











2. Your College Years are Your Best Opportunity to Travel

When you are in high school, you may not have the chance to travel on your own because

you are so young. When you graduate college, it is very likely that you will be in debt

and searching for a job. The four years you are in college are your greatest opportunity

for you to travel and see more places because you can simultaneously learn and see the

world. Furthermore, you have advisors helping you plan everything, including costs and

travel plans.

Tim Rogers, who studied abroad in Ireland, agrees that traveling is an essential part of studying abroad: “I definitely liked studying abroad for traveling and meeting people, not just the education aspect. You come away with a much greater appreciation for traveling in general and you learn more about yourself”.


  1. You Will See Beautiful Places

A camera doesn’t always do a view justice. Even though you can document your travels

by taking pictures, there is nothing more breathtaking than some of the views you will see

while studying abroad. Whether it is the vast natural landscape in Ireland or the stunning

architecture in Italy, studying abroad will guarantee you a beautiful view of something

you have never experienced before.


  1. It Will Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone (In a good way)

It can be a little uncomfortable to board a plane and fly to a new country all by yourself.

Studying abroad forces you to do this, but once you have done it once, you will most

likely catch the travel bug. You adopt a sense of independence by being away from what

you know and being immersed in a new culture. There are many

reasons to take advantage of the chance to travel abroad while in college, but hopefully

these four can inspire students to decide on what could turn out to be the greatest

experience of their lifetime.


Emma Sturm, a senior who studied in Berlin, Germany, says, “I think other students should study abroad because it gives you an independence that you wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s a way to experience a different form of learning through the environment that you travel to”.

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