How to Dress for Sprinter (Spring & Winter) at Naz

IMG_0773Rochester, Rochester, Rochester—winter with a tease of spring has been gracing the last of our winter days and I’m not sure about you, but lately I’ve been pretty “lost in the sauce” about what direction I should go when I search through my wardrobe.

Flip-flops are obviously not the answer, but on a warmer winter day I’m inclined to wear a sporty skirt, light sweater, light jacket, and boots. Sometimes dressing like this in Rochester will catch you on the wrong day and leave you contemplating the walk from any point on campus to your room or car (depending on if you live on campus, have a car or commute). This is all possible, of course, if you don’t pay attention to the weather (unfortunately, I don’t).

So what exactly is the answer to dressing appropriately for any given Rochester “sprinter” day?

Here’s what some of your peers from the Naz community had to say:

  • “Definitely layers, you put on more so you can take it off.” – Anna M.
  • “Layers, just be prepared for anything and be that smart person.” – Nathalie G.
  • “Always carry a scarf.” – Alyshea F.
  • “You have to have your boots. When it’s snowing you have to have some boots with grip because without it you’re dying, you’re slipping. You have to have a sweater, your jacket, long sleeves (even though I wear short sleeves), depending on the temperature (like the day that we had one degree weather) gloves, scarf, hat. Be ready for a tundra at all times, I’m all about being warm.” – Simone M.
  • “I just put on sweats, UGGS, and a hoodie, that’s just me, but I take the tunnels. To dress appropriately don’t go outside.” – Dante W.
  • “I don’t dress, I take the tunnels.” – Terrell C.
  • “Sweats, can’t really go wrong, but sometimes you’ll go wrong with UGGS. Also, crew necks and tights.” – Niquesha M.
  • “Sweatpants and a sweatshirt, that’s how I make through my winter or I’ll break out shorts. I just gotta worry about my hands.” – Castle L.

There it is, the key to success—polishing your winter wardrobe with UGGS and sweats seems to be the general way to survive Rochester’s “sprinter.”

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