Meet a Graphic Designer: Kristina Netti


Kristina Netti is a junior visual communication design major here at Nazareth College, who also happens to be one of my very best friends, along with Olivia Hoover.

Kristina grew up in Auburn, New York and transferred to Nazareth two years ago from Cayuga Community College.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her collective moments and experiences that make her the graphic artist she is today.

So, Kristina – Why did you choose Nazareth’s graphics program?

            Two years ago, my two top choices at the time were Nazareth College and RIT.  RIT was always my number one for graphic design, but then I visited Naz’s campus.  When I met the art department professors, I really felt like I could fit into this community, and I’m so glad I made the right choice!

What was your favorite class at Nazareth so far, and why?

            I can definitely say I really loved Illustration II with Dave Cowles.  Dave is a really fun professor who passed down and taught me some really neat techniques on Adobe Illustrator that he likes to use in his own art.  I made one of my favorite pieces to date, which is my The Lord of the Rings DVD Cover remakes.  Illustration is the most fine art we can get with graphic design.  It’s not like logo or print design with text involved.  It’s just getting to be creative.  Dave’s a very inspiring artist, not only to me, but to a lot of other Naz students.  He is hands-down an awesome professor.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Paul Engin, an adjunct here at Naz.  Not only do my classmates and I have a really fun class, but Paul introduced me to a whole new world of graphic design that I have never seen before.  Even though web design is like a whole new language, I felt like I have learned so much and I am much better of a designer.

What was your most memorable graphic design moment at Nazareth?

There’s actually two memorable moments I have had here at Nazareth so far.  First, I was selected to be a student designer for Blackfriars Theater here in Rochester.  I designed seven theater production posters for their upcoming 2016-2017 season.  Not only were they published on social media, but my posters were displayed in public as well.  My other memorable moment was when I won two awards for my kinetic typography animation for “More than Just Words.”  I received a Dean’s Purchase Award from Dianne Oliver of the School of Arts and Sciences, and won the Digital Media Award through the Nazareth art department.  Both awards were really unexpected, so it was quite the surprise!  It’s a really nice feeling to get recognition for all of the hard work I’ve done.

So, what are your plans after graduation?

I’m open to a lot of things after graduation. I definitely want to stay in the Rochester area for a couple years. I love the artistry of this city.  I feel like I could really make an impact to what’s around me.  I want to hopefully work for a bigger design company in the Rochester area.

What is your advice to a freshmen graphic student?

Don’t limit yourself!  If you really, really like one aspect of graphic design, that’s great.  But there’s so many outlets for graphic design, so it’s really good to be well-rounded. Being well-rounded means exploring web and print design, motion graphics and everything inbetween.  Exploring out of your comfort zone makes you more valuable.  Take me for example – I don’t have much experience in photography, but I wish I did, and I plan to teach myself because it’s important as a graphic designer.

Keep battling your creative, visionary fight, Kristina!

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