Stop Being Dependent on Your Smartphone

If you’re anything like me and more than two thirds of the population, you may be addicted to your smartphone. So many depend on their phones to simply get through the day specifically for using social media platforms, and statistics on smartphone addiction and dependency are some of the scariest. Here are a few steps to begin the process of being less dependent on your phone:


Don’t Sleep Next to Your Phone at Night

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The majority of smartphone users plug their phone in at night and either sleep next to it on their nightstand, or even in bed with the phone. This is detrimental to a person’s health and sleep habits because having your phone inches away from you at night tempts you to be on it before you go to sleep, and doing so can actually make you less tired and you will find yourself going to sleep later. Instead of keeping your phone in your bedroom, put it in a separate room and turn it off so you can get a good night’s sleep. If you need an alarm clock, you can buy a cheap one for five bucks.


Utilize Screen Time in Your Settings

If you have an iPhone, you can view statistics on your phone such as the average time you are on your phone daily, what apps you are using the most, and how many times you pick up your phone a day. Screen Time will also show you if you have been using your phone more or less than normal so you can keep track if you are trying to cut back on your phone usage, and you can set limits on certain categories of your apps so your phone will not let you use them once you have reached your limit for the day.


Stop Scrolling

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So many social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have never-ending posts and we find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through new photos and status updates. We can quickly lose large amounts of time by simply scrolling through social media feeds because our brains want to keep trying to predict what type of post we will see next. You may find yourself saying “just two more minutes” or “one more post”, but it’s addictive and it can turn into hours of scrolling.

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