Things To Do Over Winter Break!

The time you’ve been waiting for is here! The semester is over, no more assignments, finals are complete and you can finally catch a break. You know what they say, “work hard, play hard”! Here’s a list of things you can do during your winter break free time!

1) SLEEP! It’ll be a crime not to put this one first on the list. After all the physically and emotional demands of college, one can definitely use some good ole hibernation. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and catch some zzz’s. After all those all-nighters, I’m sure you deserve it.

2) Set some time aside for a yoga practice. After a long semester of information overload and stress, you owe yourself some mental peace. Take a few minutes to do a few yoga poses and reconnect with your inner being. A settled mind and a peaceful spirit will definitely boost your energy for the holidays.

3) Closet PURGE! Let’s admit it, when school is in session, a college student’s wardrobe becomes very simple. We end up accumulating lots of clothes that we’ll most likely never wear again. The holidays is a great time to clear out those old wears in your closet and send them off to those in need.

4) Binge watching. Come on, you know you’ve been missing out on your to die for series and shows. With all this free time, you can finally to catch up without worrying about obligations.

5) Catch up with some friends and family. There’s no place like home and finally getting back to our comfort zone makes us realize how much we missed being home. Take some time to chill out with your loved ones. It’s well needed.

6) Indulge in the holiday spirit. There’s lots of things to do just because the holidays are here. Baking holiday treats is a great way to not only relieve some stress, but also give into our sweet tooth. Ice skating is definitely a must; we’ve been waiting all year for it. Also, Christmas caroling and volunteering for those in need are a few other things to consider.

Happy Holidays !

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