Weekend Getaways Around Naz

Since being at Naz, I have found I occasionally have weekends where I want to just get away. As much as I love Naz and Rochester, a mini vacation is needed sometimes for everyone, just to get away from the stress and clear your mind. In my three years here, I have found some fun things to do for a day or weekend trip away from campus.IMG_8943

Destiny USA Mall – Closest to Naz, out of all my options, and a great day trip, is a mall in Syracuse called Destiny USA. I’ve gone to this mall many times, mostly for a great shopping experience, but also just to get away. It’s about a little over an hour from campus and great for if you want to escape campus life and have a lot of money to spend. Because I can guarantee there are plenty of stores in that mall for every want and need you may have. While there you can also do a ropes course, mini glow golf, drive super fast go karts, escape a mystery room, eat and drink anything you may have a craving for, watch movies, and shop until you drop. Every time I go there I leave early in the morning so we can spend as much time there as possible, and still don’t do everything I want to do and go in every store I want to go in. My favorite things to do there are shop (obviously), eat at Margaritaville, and drive the go karts around the track. 

Watkins Glen – Located an hour and a half south of Naz, at the bottom of Seneca Lake, is Watkins Glen State Park. The stateIMG_8472 park is beautiful. It’s a lot of walking, but the trails and scenery are gorgeous. It’s great to get away for a day and look at some waterfalls and get some exercise. Within the two-mile trail, there are 19 waterfalls and lots and lots of stairs. Make sure you are ready to walk up what feels like endless amounts of stairs. You can also fish, camp, and swim in pools they have there. This is a great place to go when the weather is warm and you want to exercise a bit. 

Canada – Looking for a real getaway? Might as well go to a different country. Canada is only about 2 hours away from campus, and Toronto, where I visited when I went there, is only about 3 hours. While there, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium, a huge aquarium filled with every type of fish you could ever want to see. It was a little expensive but well worth the cost. Their main attractions are the many sharks they have and the stingray exhibit, where you can actually pet the stingrays. There are a lot of tunnels and kids only spots as well as interesting facts if you want to learn more about the fish you’re looking at. There are so many other things to do while in Toronto, including shopping, museums, and restaurants. Getting into Canada isn’t hard either, as long as you have a passport. It’s a great spot for a mini vacation any time of year. IMG_9168

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